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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Visiting Friends

Last weekend, we loaded up the kids and traveled 7 1/2 hours (including all of our stops) to San Antonio. We decided to go and see friends, who we miss very much. It took us a while to get there, but the company and scenery was well worth the car ride. We haven't seen our San Antonio friends since we moved in July, and seeing them all again was fantastic. All of our kids have gotten so big, and none of them had met our Reesey yet. Late Thursday night, we arrived at the Torres house.

The next morning, when we got up, Evan and Rylan hit the ground running. These two boys picked up right where they left off. I swear they may be the same little boy just 6 months apart. We were also thrilled to finally meet Mia, she is 2 months older than Reese and just precious. After we all settled down a bit, we got ready and went to Christus Santa Rosa (Tyson's old work) to see everyone and catch up. Tyson beamed with pride as he showed off his beautiful babies, it was really cute. After that we met up with the Torres family at the Riverwalk for lunch. Then we all went back to the Torress' for naps. The babies napped, but the two older boys were in rare form and no nap was taken by them. So we sent the boys outside to play, and we began to get food ready for when the Inabinnets  and Vadens arrived. Melina and Jesse were so kind to have everyone over to their house for a cookout just for us. Thank you guys so much. The evening was beautiful, the kids were great, and the company was excellent. We all picked up where we left off, just like we never moved.

On Saturday we spent the morning just relaxing at the Torres house. We had nothing on our agenda that day, mainly to just hang out with our dear friends. The boys ran wild, the baby girls watched in amazement, and we parents just sighed and laughed about how "These are the days of our lives." Eventually, after all four kids napped, we loaded up and headed to dinner. We enjoyed the weather while we were there, it was perfect, 75 and sunny with a breeze. Bluebonnets and wild flowers everywhere (which I didn't get a picture of, man.)

Sunday morning we loaded up and headed home back to West Texas. The drive home was great, the weather was perfect, and the babes were little angels (which was way better than the drive there). Catching up with friends was great, and watching all of our children play was fantastic.
The girls, Reesey and Mia, a little bit of sweetness.
The boys, Rylan and Evan, a little bit of honory.
Our family of four at the Riverwalk.
We girls, Melina, Mia, Reese, Me, Codie and Emily. Even though there is a 7 hour difference between our homes, our friendships still remain!
A picture of the four kids playing together, watching all four was tiring and hilarious all at the same time.
Until our next visit friends.................

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Oklahoma Wedding

My cousin Kallie got married last weekend to a wonderful guy named Cody. We were honored when they asked if Rylan would be the ring bearer on their special day. We talked it up a lot and had him practice the whole week before. He did awesome and he loved playing with the flower girl Maddie. Maddie is the grooms daughter and every bit as precious as a little girl can be. Together her and Rylan made the perfect little couple.
This is Rylan and Maddie practicing during Rehearsal.
This is the little couple outside of the church before the wedding.
This is our little family of four at the reception. We snapped this picture right before Ry took off his tie.
Rylan, Reesey and their Tia at the reception. They all three looked beautiful.
Rylan and my beautiful cousin Kallie the bride!
Rylan and Maddie holding hands at the reception. They walked around like this the whole weekend. Everyone oohed and awed over them. They also danced together all night long.
Our Reesey and her Daddy sharing their first dance as Father and Daughter.
My Papa and our little chunkster all dolled up at the reception.
A fun weekend with lots of great memories.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Amarillo by Morning

     The Purdy's needed a getaway but didn't want to go to far. So we opted to go to Amarillo for the weekend. It was our first overnight stay with our family of four.  I remember when I was little just staying in a hotel room with all of my family was fun enough for me. It seemed to hold true for Rylan too. We checked in on Friday and played in our room until it was time for dinner. Tyson and I were talking, and neither of us have ever been to The Big Texan. We decided to go there for a delicious steak, also we figured Rylan may be entertained and we could actually have a good eating out experience. Let me be honest in telling you that all of our eating out experiences aren't very enjoyable (some tell us it is his age). This dinner was great for all of us, Rylan enjoyed everything about The Big Texan.  He was great, Reesey was great, and the food was great too.
     The next morning we lounged around the hotel room just enjoying being a family. Being out of Muleshoe and out of the house was refreshing.  We went and did a little shopping after that and then we went and had some much desired Vietnamese food. We love Vietnamese food and we haven't had any since we moved from San Antonio. It was just as we remembered. But, our dining experience wasn't the greatest this time around. Thank goodness we were the only ones in the Restaurant when Rylan threw an eggroll on the floor (remember I said I wasn't going to portray my life as perfect, because it is not).
     We knew that we wanted this trip to involve something hands on, fun and planned specifically for Rylan. More than any of us he needed this. He has been so good since his sister has arrived. He loves her, is gentle with her, and gives her plenty of attention, as do the rest of us. It was now his turn for some attention and fun. We went to the Discovery Center (a children's museum) and stayed for almost 4 hours. They had so many fun hands on things for the kids (and grown-ups, Tyson and I jumped in for some play). Rylan was awesome the whole day, seeing his mind work and try and figure some of the stations out was his Daddy's favorite part. My favorite part was watching him make three baskets in a row into the hoop at one of the stations. Reesey was perfect and she slept the whole time.
     After the Discovery Center we loaded up and headed to Friona for Cole StClair's birthday party. That was a perfect ending to our trip. Some time with our friends and Rylan getting to play with his friends.  We are already looking forward to our next getaway!
The horse outside of our hotel. Rylan wouldn't stop talking about it so we took a picture with it.
Rylan, Reese and Daddy outside The Big Texan posing with the "BIIIIGGG Cow" (as Ry said).
The restaurant had musicians who walked around playing for tips. Rylan was very entertained by them, so we let him pay them and have them play just for him.
This was his face when they first started playing for him.
Rylan and Reese having fun at the hotel.
Who knew that a luggage cart could be so much fun?
Rylan and Mommy lifting weights at the Discovery Center.
Daddy and Rylan discovering a pulley system.
My favorite, the basketball station.
Our little Reesey enjoying the Discovery Center in her own little way!