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Monday, January 30, 2012

Muleshoe Stockshow

     Last Friday Muleshoe had the local stockshow. We thought that going would be something that Rylan would enjoy. And lets be honest, their isn't a whole lot to do here, so when something like this comes up we go for it. Our friends The Myer's have pigs and show. So, when we got there we went straight to them to see their pigs. Garrison had three pigs at the show, none of which had names. He asked Rylan to name them for him, which I thought was so cute. Rylan did his cute little thing where he taps his chin with his finger and said, "Hum, lets see". Then he pointed to each pig and told us their names. The first was Snout (with Tia's help), the second was Blue, and the third one (my favorite) was Cow. Along with seeing lots of pigs the show had steers, and sheep. So we went and saw all we could. We even got to see a baby calf that was just born.
     At the end of the show they allow the little kids to get out there and "show" a pig. Rylan was down for that and Garrison was sweet enough to help him out. It was so adorable to see all of the kids out there with these pigs that were as big as they were. Rylan was very serious the whole time. He followed his pig around the pen like he was supposed too. He got a ribbon that he was very proud of, it is in his room hanging (per his request). When he was done he came and told me "Momma a hit pig and show him". It was a fun event to go to. Our town is small but we certainly find fun in it!
Rylan using his stick. It actually went better than I had expected, we didn't hit the pig. LOL
Sweet Garrison showing Ry how to show the pig. Rylan liked Garrison before, but now he really really likes him.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Visiting Oklahoma

     We recently took a trip to Oklahoma to see my Granny (GiGi as Rylan says) and Papa (and Great Papa as Rylan says). It was a wonderful few days there, and we had a lot of much needed help. My Granny tried to tell us that Reesey was rotten because she never wanted to be put down. However, my Granny was the one holding her all the time. That is when she wasn't fighting my Momma for her. My Momma met us there so that she too could get her some Reesey and Rylan love.
     Rylan was a bit of a challenge. I am wondering if he is just now realizing that Reesey is here to stay, or if he is just entering into a difficult stage, was it that he was out of his element, or could it be that we haven't been disciplining him correctly before? Whatever the case; we are now trying to spend more one on one time with him, take deep breathes and pray for this phase, and we are trying new tactics in the disciplining department. I thought about not discussing our challenge with Rylan right now, but then decided against it. I recently read an article in Redbook (great source I know), but it talked about all those bloggers and facebook moms who make everything seem so perfect in their postings. I decided I didn't want to be one of those Momma's. Most of the time I am, but this is real and I know that I am not the only Momma who goes through difficult days and phases. Okay, enough said about that, lets get back to our Oklahoma trip and the good things that came from it. But just know you may see some more of me "being real."
     Oklahoma was great because we ate so much I need to diet, the kids were great in the car there and back (plus it was a nice time for Mommy and Tia to have sister bonding), we got to see lots of family, we got lots of help, and we got to relax and enjoy some green acres for a while (apparently they have gotten more rain than we have). I will explain the rest of trip in pictures.
I have never seen my Papa so sweet with a baby. He would take Reese, hold her, talk to her and rock her. It was the cutest thing. My Granny, Kyra and I all watched him from the kitchen as he rocked and talked to her. One moment I will forever embed in my memory.
Another sweet moment was seeing Rylan carry book after book for Great Papa (as he calls him) to read to him. I remember my Papa reading to me when I was little. Now seeing him read to my children is just sweetness.
GiGi and Great Papa have a whirlpool tube. GiGi said "Let Ry take a bath in it", so we did. Can you imagine that just one sqiurt of baby shampoo can do this. Rylan loved it, he took a 20 minute bath with no toys just a cup and bubbles.
One afternoon after nap we loaded up and headed out to my Aunt Debbie and Uncle Tony's land. They have 100's acres of beautiful land and they run cattle on it. It was fun for us to go and see the cows and feeding time. Momma, Granny, and Aunt Debbie watched Reesey while the rest of us played outside during feeding time. Rylan loved the 100's of cows. We got to help feed them grain and then hay.
The fun part was that the hay feeding was on four-wheelers. Rylan rode with my Uncle Tony and got to feed the cows right out of his hand, he loved this, and he still mimicks the way they licked his little hand.
After we fed the cows their hay Uncle Tony let Rylan steer the four-wheeler back to the barn, that really got him excited. This was his first ride on a four-wheeler.
This is just a picture of my babies playing together one night before bedtime at GiGi and Great Papa's. It was a nice trip and we look forward to seeing even more of our family when we go back at the beginning of March. My cousin Kallie is getting married then and Rylan is the ring bearer.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

2 Months

     I can hardly believe that two months ago today we welcomed our sweet little Reese into this world. It has flown by, even faster than I could have imagined. I find myself getting sad with each new milestone. It is so exciting to see Reese grow and develop, but also it means my little baby is leaving behind these sweet little newborn phases.
     Putting her newborn clothes away was hard, yes I did cry. She is now between newborn and 3 month clothes. She still has plenty of hair, and it even seems to have gotten longer. She is beginning to coo and laugh at us on purpose. She will turn toward her Daddy's, Mommy's, Rylan's and Tia's voice when we talk to her. When we get her attention she will just stare up at us with those big blue eyes of hers. She is not sleeping through the night yet, but for the most part she eats and goes back to sleep. We have a few nights a week where she just wakes up just once. It looks like she is going to be a lover of water just like Rylan. The only bath she has cried during was her first one. She will just sit there still as can be and let you bathe her.
     I love seeing her change daily, but it also reminds me how fast they grow up. She is already taking 4oz. from her bottle (when Mommy isn't feeding her), and let me tell you her gut proves that she is getting plenty to eat. She is so sweet and mild mannered. However, she does have gas occasionally and you can see her big brother in her. LOL! I love watching Rylan be a big brother. He really is very sweet with her and gentle. When he talks to her he calls her "Baby Doll", like her Daddy does.
     We are loving seeing the differences between a little girl and a little boy. Already you can see how different her and Rylan are. She is attentive like him but also seems to take things in a little more than he does. Probably because Rylan is so entertaining for her to watch. Seeing our babies together is the greatest joy for Tyson and I . We knew Rylan had to have a sibling, and now seeing them together brings tears to our eyes. I can't wait to see what the next couple of months hold for us, maybe some more sleep!

Reese Lynn Purdy
2 Months Old
11 lbs. (our little bubbly momma)
22 inches.
Healthy and beautiful (like I told you before we are partial).

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Happy New Year

     Gone are the days of crazy New Year's Eve parties. Tyson and I had to accept the fact that we are now (and for many years to come) going to be spending our New Years at home with our sweet children. I often tell Tys "These are the days of our lives". I say this laughing and loving our life, but every now and then I miss the crazy days. But this year staying home was even better and more meaningful than any other New Year celebration we have ever had. We enjoyed the evening in our PJ's with our little cubs. We had a steak dinner, watched a movie, and rang in the 2012 family style. We reflected on 2011, and for the Purdy's it was one amazing year. Tyson graduated residency, we moved to Muleshoe, bought a new home, started a new job, made new friends, inherited a roommate (our sweet and precious Tia), and welcomed another baby into our home. 2011 will be hard to top.  Happy New Year to all  of you, may this year bring many blessings to you and your family. 
Like I said in an earlier post, getting the kiddos to pose at the same time together is sometimes impossible. But oh so precious, and vividly true to our life.
My Ry and I ringing in the New Year at 9:00, just so Ry could celebrate with us.
Reesey sleeping through the early part of the evening. Tys, Reese and I actually did ring in the New Year with the party goers, we were up!
Happy New Year!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Christmas Recap

This Christmas we were unbelievably blessed with the joy of being parents to two healthy, happy, beautiful children. Rylan and Reese bring great pride to Tyson and I, and this year it became even more apparent to us the sacrifice that God made when he sent his son to earth for our sins. We are so lucky to have such great families to celebrate Jesus birth with. We were grateful to our families this year for not making, or asking us to travel with a 6 week old baby. We got to stay home and celebrate Christmas with both sides of our families here in Muleshoe, making life much easier. We had many different activities leading up to and on Christmas, and they were of course captured by this picture taking obsessed Momma. We hope that Christ filled your home this Christmas and that many blessings come your way this New Year.
Our two little blessings. Getting Rylan to be still for a picture is a task in itself, now getting two is even harder. But the unplanned ones are usually my favorites.
What a beautiful Christmas gift from God. This is our sweet little Reesey Cup all wrapped up ready to go on the Polar Express. Nana and Papaw took all of the grandkids, Aaron, Samantha, Tyson, Kyra and I to the Polar Express this year. It was fantastic and something that we will have to do again!
Rylan and the conductor of the train. Ry loved how he said "All Aboard", just like the movie and the book. Which we watched and read before and many times after.
Rylan decorating his cookies for Santa. He also enjoyed tasting them as well.
Introducing our elf Jimmy (which Rylan named all by himself).  Right before he left the very last day he turned our milk green with his magic. This was a fun tradition that Rylan really enjoyed, and that we all are looking forward to doing next year as well.
Our sweet baby girl on Christmas Eve. She smiles all the time and this picture captured her and all her cuteness (yes I am partial, she is my little girl).
Here is our little man on Christmas Eve. He is all boy and full of fun and laughter, never a dull moment.
We had a white Christmas. On Christmas morning we woke up to a snow covered ground, it doesn't get more perfect than that. This picture is of the boys all bundled up to go play in the snow.
Our baby girl on Christmas morning. Sadly this Momma couldn't get a picture of her children together in their Christmas outfits. You have to be faster than your two year old football obsessed son. Before I could get a picture of the kids together Rylan had already put on his Texas Tech football jersey. Maybe they can wear their outfits for church and I will try again.
We are blessed, thank you God for your sacrifice and your sons sacrifice.

Hopefully with this New Year I can begin blogging more. Since our sweet Reesey Cup got here I haven't been doing that well. I will try and do better. The adjustment from one to two has been just that, an adjustment. As I am sure most of you Momma's with two or more know it takes time. Words of wisdom ladies, that is what we need. Until our next post, there will be one but I am just not for sure when.