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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A New Baby

My Momma loved her frame so much that she asked me to make one for a baby shower gift. She works with a girl who is having a little boy named Easton. Easton's room is decorated in turquoise and brown, with horses and cows (rodeo), and John Deere. It was a little difficult to incorporate everything in this frame. However, I was pleased with the final product and so was the Mommy to be.   
I started by painting the frame turquoise. I layered two styles of cardstock; one was horses and the other was rodeo words. I topped off the cardstock with a layer of John Deere fabric and then framed the center with black rick-rack. On the right side I placed his name in brown, with some sparkling accents to match the rest of the embellishments.
This is a look at the entire frame.
I used ribbon at the top; it consisted of green, brown, turquoise, John Deere, and cow prints. In the center of the frame I used a bottle cap with a studded cowboy hat in the middle. To the right I put a little rope with horseshoes to help tie in the rodeo theme.
At the bottom I added cowboy boots, a saddle and cow to finish it off. This frame was a challenge, but I was very pleased with the end result.

Just a Little Something

My Momma has been decorating her bathroom, and she has decided to go with black, white and pink. Three colors I love, they were our wedding colors. She has had some difficulty finding cute decorations that she likes to put in there. Plus she has been begging me for months to make her a frame. I figured it was time to make my Momma a frame. I wanted to surprise her with it, so I didn't tell her I was FINALLY making her one. It turned out really cute, and it may be my favorite frame I have made.
It is painted black, with black and white ribbon on the right side. On the left side I used cardstock and embellished it with glittered accents. At the top I added a bible verse that is framed in light pink cardstock.
I used flowers and ribbon at the top right with a black and white button in the center. She is mainly using light pink with a few hints of bright pink. I incorporated both, so that she could go either way.
                               I placed the verse on glittered cardstock hanging from a ribbon to top it off.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Get Organized Take 2

The clipboard I made for Allison turned out so cute. So, I made one for my mother in law too. She loves the colors black, white and pink. So I tried to stick with these colors and make it as elegant as I could. Nana I hope you like this, and that you get some great use out of it! 
The Front: Black and white cardstock with pink and white polka-dot cardstock. Ribbon for some effect and a bible verse to bring a bit of sunshine into Nana's day. At the top I used black, pink, and white ribbon with some black feathers dividing the ribbon. I used layered pink flowers to complete the look. On the right side I placed the ribbon (for the folder) and covered it with another pink flower.
First of all I want to apologize for my unskilled photography. This is just a look at the back side. I matched the folder with the same cardstock that is on the front. In pink letters it says Nana's Notes
The Back: I used the same cardstock I just switched them around. Inside the folder I put a 12 month calendar with all of our family members birthday's marked on it. I figured that Nana could use this to keep her organized. If you haven't caught on yet, I am all about being organized.
                              The Back: Once again I apologize for my lack of photography skills.

Get Organized

My Dearest Friend Allison just went back to work. She has stayed home with her precious one year old son Trey for his first year of life. So as you can imagine going to work and leaving something so sweet in daycare, it has been a bit of a transition for her and her family.

I wanted to make her something that could be useful, and something that would brighten her day. I know when I was teaching I was always looking for something to help keep me organized. I created the clipboard with the intentions of it doing just that for Mrs. Brendel. She taught 1st grade for 3 years in Texas. Now they live in Seattle and she is going to teach Kindergarten for the first time. She is an AWESOME teacher, and her kids are so blessed to have her! Allison, I hope you have the greatest year!
This is the front of it. I wanted it to look like something a Kindergarten teacher would carry. 
This is the back of it. Tyson drilled holes in the clipboard. I attached a folder, and I figured that she could put her class roster, schedule, and her plans for the week in it. Or whatever she wants to put in it.
This is a look at the inside of the folder. The two ribbons are there to tie together the folder, so that it can be closed.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Birthday Boy!

Rylan's friend Joseph just celebrated his 1st birthday!  Codie (Joseph's momma) and I met at story time also. She also lives in our subdivision and we live a block away. We have been enjoying our new friends, and we really enjoyed Joseph's party. His Mommy did the cutest theme for him. Codie and her husband Bobbie are huge Houston Texan fans. So everything was sports themed with Houston Texans colors incorporated, footballs everywhere, and Mr. Joseph was wearing a shirt that was made to look like a jersey (with his last name on it, very creative).

There are four of us Mommas here in our subdivision who have become quite close. So getting the kiddos together is fun for them and us Mommas. Plus all the kids are very close in age; Rylan is the oldest at 16 months, Clara is 15 months, Ella is 13 months, and now Joseph one. We enjoyed the party, and we love watching Rylan play with his sweet friends, each one so unique and precious.

Joseph's room is decorated in elephants, blue and brown. So I wanted to make him something to go in his elephant room. It is a little harder doing frames for boys because I can't do all of the ribbon and flowers, which are so fun. However, the boys always tend to be a little more personalized. The elephant on his frame is magnetic, and you can move his arms and legs whichever way you want. I know Rylan loved it, so I hope Joseph does too.
"Sons are a heritage from the Lord, children a reward from Him." Psalm 127:3

Sunday, September 19, 2010

What does an elephant do?

Recently we had a great adventure of going to the San Antonio Circus. I will start off by telling you that we had a hard decision to make. The circus times were at 10:00 and 3:00.  Rylan is still taking two naps, the first at 10:00 and yep you guessed it, the second at 3:00. We really wanted to go because we really thought that Rylan would love it. So we stuck with our morning nap and decided to go to the circus at 3:00 and pray for the best. Well the best worked out.

However, it did take us 45 minutes to get into the parking lot to park. But after that it was smooth sailing. Once the show started Rylan was in love. His eyes stayed glued to the performers the entire time. Plus Tyson and I were very surprised at how entertaining it was for us as well.  Needless to say when the circus comes to town again we will be there.
This is just to show you how glued his eyes were.
At intermission they opened the floor to everyone. They had face painting, moon bounce, pony rides, and elephant rides. They all looked like fun but a little to old for our boy.
When we walked down to go to the floor we just so happened to find the tigers. They were even more beautiful up close. But you could also tell how pooped they were from their performance.
If you notice Rylan would not look at the camera. He was too busy watching the pony's.
The elephants were very entertaining and amazing to watch. We have been working on animal sounds with Rylan, and our most recent just happens to be the elephant. We say "what does an elephant do?" and he will throw his hand up like a trunk and make an elephant sound. Every time he saw the elephants he mimicked exactly what they did.
I just have to end on this hilarious picture. I do have to say these were pretty scary clowns. 
Rylan did great the entire time and payed very close attention to everything that went on. We loved the circus and wish we could go again this weekend. We skipped a nap and the world didn't come to an end. Just to show you how flexible our children really are.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Nana's Visit

Recently Nana came to visit. Papaw was in Africa for three weeks and we had the pleasure of entertaining Nana while he was gone. Since Nana's birthday was during Papaw's trip away we celebrated with her. She came on the 7th and her birthday is the 1st. So after dinner when Tyson walked in with the cake singing happy birthday she was really surprised. We all loved having some cake and celebrating with her.

While she was here Nana went to bible study with Rylan and I. We went to Landa Park one day, and showed Nana New Braunfels. The majority of the time was spent hanging out at the house and enjoying each other. Tyson and I got lucky too because Nana babysat and we got to have a date night! Thanks for coming Nana, and we will see you soon!
Nana's was so surprised.
Nana blowing out the candles.
Nana and Rylan at the park in New Braunfels.
A picture I think Nana will enjoy!
                                   Most of our time was spent doing this, laughing at our little ham.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Birthday Girl!

We recently attended a birthday party for a sweet little girl, Ella. Her Mommy and I met at story time, learned we lived in the same subdivision a block away, and that are children are just about 2 months apart. So we began getting together. Ella is a sweet, petite, funny, beautiful little girl. Her Mommy (Emily) did a great job with her party and Ella looked very CUTE in her tutu!

I wanted to make something special for this sweet little lady. Her room is decorated in green and pink. I made a frame personalized for Ms. Ella. I found a verse that is just perfect for her, "The King is enthralled by your beauty, Honor him for He is your Lord." ~Psalm 45:11
                        The birthday girl loving on one of her gifts. Look at that tutu, like I said too cute!

Savoring the Day

We had the best time while Kyra was here. She is not only my sister but she also my best friend. She is so sweet and loves Rylan more than anything. We loved having her here, and can't wait until she comes back or until we go there. The last day she was here we savored the entire day and loved every minute of it!
After breakfast Rylan pulled out his tunnel and Tia jumped right in to play.
I am sure that Kyra appreciates me sharing this picture. Oh well, love you sister!
Daddy of course had to jump in too.
We had a house full. Kyra brought her dog Kadence. So with Duncan, Winston and her we called our house the Zoo. Anywhere we went all three dogs followed.
Our sweet Winston!
Such a good little girl, even around two crazy boys.
Our loving little Duncan!
Tia's last night here Rylan wore the PJ's that Uncle Eric got him for Christmas.
               Love the booty, it says DUTY CALLS! We are so proud of Uncle Eric, and so glad that he is back home!  Tia we love you and can't wait until we see you again!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

At the Park with Tia

While Tia was here we went on a picnic at a beautiful park in New Braunfels. Tia and her little man had a great time. Again this post will be mostly in pictures.
Tia and Rylan chowing down.
Rylan's first time to eat Cheetos. As you might can tell he loved them.
These two had the best time. Rylan laughed at Kyra the whole day.
The slide was a big hit. We have a slide at home, but nothing this big.
This face says it all.
Rylan was so proud of himself, he applauded for his achievement.
The baby swings were too hot, so Tia took Rylan on the big swings.
Feeding the ducks was a big hit. They came and surrounded us as soon as they saw bread.
Rylan fed the ducks for a little while, that is until he needed a snack.
Kyra may have enjoyed this more than Rylan.
There were more ducks in the pond. So we thought we would feed them too. Tia had to hold Rylan back. He probably would have jumped in if we would have let him.
We aren't for sure exactly what this thing is called. He looked like a cross between a beaver and a rat.
Beaver or rat, we aren't for sure. But we do know that he likes bread.
Rylan loved having his partner in crime here to play with. This was my favorite picture from the entire day!