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Friday, July 26, 2013

I Needed This

A Parent's Prayer

Dear Lord,
Today, I once again bring my children to You. Please show me how to parent these precious gifts that you have given me. Help me to the best mother that I can be. I pray that Your Holy Spirit will teach me, Your wisdom will guide me, and Your love will move me. Most of all, Lord, I give these children to You. Please make them a servant after Your own heart. In Jesus Name I pray.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Relay For Life Wreath

I was on the decorating committee this year for Relay For Life. So I got to put some of my crafting to use for a good cause. I searched pintrest for a wreath to use on our entry doors. I found some that were created for breast cancer awareness. I used the style that I like and changed it a bit.  I changed the pink fabric to purple and added the letters to spell out hope.
I tied the fabric on, alternating dark purple and light purple.
Then I painted the letters white and hot glued them on. Easy project for a good cause.

Burlington Bees

This was Rylan's first year to play T-Ball. It was hands down the cutest thing I've ever watched. I can't believe our boy is big enough to play T-Ball. I have looked forward to this day for a few years. He was a great little player. He liked playing pitcher and first base, and he LOVED batting.
Did I mention he had a really HOT coach?


A little update:  Our sweet "Blossom" (as Nana and Papaw call her) is growing up very fast. She will be 20 months on July 11. She is beginning to talk, telling us what she likes and what she doesn't like. She is playing with her baby dolls more and more. She likes to push them in cars and strollers, put them in her highchair, give them bottles and pacifiers, and very often requests that they sleep with her. She is very similar to her big brother but also very much her own independent self. If she can't say the word she is looking for she will show you what she wants. She is very into everything her brother is into.  Watching our babies play together is simply the best thing in this world.  Being this sweet girls momma is a blessing.

Super Rylan Turns 4

This year we knew very early on what we would be doing for Rylan's birthday party. Our boy is Super Hero obsessed. So it made for an easy theme, cheap decorations and a very happy birthday boy.
My big splurge for the party were our Super-Hero family shirts. Tyson, Rylan, Reese and I all had matching Super-Hero shirts that I ordered from etsy. Rylan loved that we all matched and he still gets a thrill each time we wear our shirts.
Decorations were cheap because I used everything dress-up that Ry already had. I put Ironman on the front door and Spiderman on the back door.
When each child arrived they got to pick which cape they wanted. Their options were red, orange and yellow. I ordered these off of Amazon for very cheap.
This was our snack table. I didn't provide much food since our party was right after lunch. I loved decorating this table. I used a lot of Rylan's dress-up and his toys that he has. This was my favorite party to decorate yet. Here are pictures of the food table.
I used Rylan's Captain America shield to set a jar of teddy grahams on.
I saved boxes I had gotten from Amazon, covered them in silver wrapping paper I purchased at the Dollar Tree, and then I painted yellow squares on them so they would look like a city. I admittedly am not a baker, so I ordered the cupcakes from our local grocery store. The cupcakes were each decorated with either a Superman ring or a Batman ring.
I used lots of Rylan's toys to set out on the table.
His Batman mask was placed over a jar of M&M's, and his Green Lantern mask was over a jar of Cheetos. My favorite was the Hulk mask and hands that helped to decorate the jar of goldfish. As you can see I provided really healthy food.
I came up with three games for the kids to play. Rylan dresses up all day everyday!  So I snatched a picture of him as Ironman, uploaded it to, and ordered the picture as a poster for $5. Easy as that....we had a pin the life source on Ironman/Rylan game.
I actually loved this so much I may try and do it again for another party.
The next game was Web the Green Goblin, it was a big hit. I ordered silly string from Amazon, had Tyson pick up 6 green balloons and place them around the yard. The kids used the silly string as their Spiderman Web and went on a hunt to web the Green Goblin/green balloons.
The last game was Stomp Out Crime. I blew up 20 balloons and the kids went around and stomped them to pop them. Inside each balloon was a peppermint.
Our boy LOVED his party!
The Super Purdy's

So hard to believe my precious baby boy is 4! Each year I can't believe how fast time is flying by. I cherish this last year I have home with my boy. Rylan is a vibrant, intelligent, hilarious, energetic, creative, loving boy. Each day he brings humor and amazement into our home. We are blessed to have been given a child such as our Ry!

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A Sip and See

The fun thing about living in a small town is all of the support. When someone gets married or has a new baby everyone showers you with love. It was my pleasure to host a baby shower for my sweet friend Camille. She just had her third baby girl, Etta. Her husband is a dairy farmer so we thought it only fitting to have a few cows thrown into our decor.
We decorated with pinks, black and white. We did a sip and see, which is where people come and go to see the baby and sip on something.
We served different cookies and cold milk served in mason jars.
Another friend put this precious diaper cake together.
We also had muffins and coffee for the guests.
Here is sweet Etta with her Mommy.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Camping/Fishing Family Trip

Two weeks ago, we took our babies and went camping/fishing with my family in Oklahoma. My Granny, Papa, aunts and uncles, cousins, etc. have been doing this for about 7 years now. We haven't been able to go until this year. We are so glad we did. We had the best time. We relaxed and were refreshed when we returned home. I will explain the rest in pictures!
The best part of all was watching my cousins babies and our babies play together. The older four got along really well and were so cute to watch. Reesey tagged along thinking she was big enough for hiking, playing superheros, climbing trees, running races, anything you can think of. The kids had a blast and were going 100% of the day!
Early one morning my Papa, Tyson and Rylan went out to go fishing.
My Papa had the big kids run races around our campsite. It was so funny and good for them all four to release that kind of energy. My Papa had gotten them all trophies.
The boys were the proudest of their trophies. I love this picture of the Daddy's looking on at their boys.
In the evenings this was our view................beautiful.
Another picture of the five great-grand babies.
Here are the proud great grandparents with their beautiful brood.
What is a camping trip without Smore's. The kids loved this and so did most of the grown-ups.
Reesey even got to partake in the action. She has a sweet tooth like her Mommy and Bubba, so our girl ate up her smore rather fast.
On another day my cousin and her babes, Rylan and I went out with my Uncle Lynn. Each kid got a turn to drive his boat. 
We fished in boats and off the shore. Rylan caught a fish with the help of many. He was very proud but didn't want to hold it.
My momma came up the last night we were there. I love this picture it is my cousin Stephanie (my playmate growing up), Aunt Debbie, Granny, Momma, and me.
This was a sweet week for the Purdy's. It was a perfect trip for the age of our babies, nothing stressful just fun, surrounded by family and God's beauty. Rylan already asks when we will be going camping again.