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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Super Rylan Turns 4

This year we knew very early on what we would be doing for Rylan's birthday party. Our boy is Super Hero obsessed. So it made for an easy theme, cheap decorations and a very happy birthday boy.
My big splurge for the party were our Super-Hero family shirts. Tyson, Rylan, Reese and I all had matching Super-Hero shirts that I ordered from etsy. Rylan loved that we all matched and he still gets a thrill each time we wear our shirts.
Decorations were cheap because I used everything dress-up that Ry already had. I put Ironman on the front door and Spiderman on the back door.
When each child arrived they got to pick which cape they wanted. Their options were red, orange and yellow. I ordered these off of Amazon for very cheap.
This was our snack table. I didn't provide much food since our party was right after lunch. I loved decorating this table. I used a lot of Rylan's dress-up and his toys that he has. This was my favorite party to decorate yet. Here are pictures of the food table.
I used Rylan's Captain America shield to set a jar of teddy grahams on.
I saved boxes I had gotten from Amazon, covered them in silver wrapping paper I purchased at the Dollar Tree, and then I painted yellow squares on them so they would look like a city. I admittedly am not a baker, so I ordered the cupcakes from our local grocery store. The cupcakes were each decorated with either a Superman ring or a Batman ring.
I used lots of Rylan's toys to set out on the table.
His Batman mask was placed over a jar of M&M's, and his Green Lantern mask was over a jar of Cheetos. My favorite was the Hulk mask and hands that helped to decorate the jar of goldfish. As you can see I provided really healthy food.
I came up with three games for the kids to play. Rylan dresses up all day everyday!  So I snatched a picture of him as Ironman, uploaded it to, and ordered the picture as a poster for $5. Easy as that....we had a pin the life source on Ironman/Rylan game.
I actually loved this so much I may try and do it again for another party.
The next game was Web the Green Goblin, it was a big hit. I ordered silly string from Amazon, had Tyson pick up 6 green balloons and place them around the yard. The kids used the silly string as their Spiderman Web and went on a hunt to web the Green Goblin/green balloons.
The last game was Stomp Out Crime. I blew up 20 balloons and the kids went around and stomped them to pop them. Inside each balloon was a peppermint.
Our boy LOVED his party!
The Super Purdy's

So hard to believe my precious baby boy is 4! Each year I can't believe how fast time is flying by. I cherish this last year I have home with my boy. Rylan is a vibrant, intelligent, hilarious, energetic, creative, loving boy. Each day he brings humor and amazement into our home. We are blessed to have been given a child such as our Ry!

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