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Monday, December 24, 2012

The Polar Express

This is the second year in a row that Nana and Papaw have taken all the grandbabies on The Polar Express. Last year Reesey was less than a month old and cousin Arden hadn't made her debut into this world yet. This year we had four active Purdy babies. Rylan has been watching the movie and wanting us to read him the book almost everyday. So we knew that this would be fun for him this year.
Before we got on the train Rylan happily took a picture with the conductor. He was so excited and talked about him like he was a Rock Star!
Here are our babes in their PJ's ready to ride.
A family photo of us.
Rylan was so protective over his Polar Express Ticket.
Here are Nana and Papaw and all four of their babies. You may notice how hard it is to get one of all four grandbabies looking.
Ry loved the hot chocolate, and making a mustache with the whip cream was even more fun.
That babies enjoying their train ride.
Rylan and Sophia looking out the window for Santa.
This was Rylan's face when he first saw that Santa got on the train. He actually talked to him this year, he told him what he wanted, and ever so sweetly greeted him with a "Merry Christmas!"
Here is his excitement, and him telling Santa he would like to get Buzz Hands this year.

Seeing the excitement and joy that Rylan got this year was so thrilling and emotional for us parents. Seeing CHRISTmas through a child's eye is magical. I pray that you and your family are enjoying this season of Christs birthday.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Christmas Is In the Air

Okay, I'm Back! Blogger is now allowing me to upload pictures again, yay! I've missed you all.

The Christmas season is in full force at the Purdy house. Here are a few pictures to let you in on a few of our CHRISTmas happenings.
Jimmy (our elf) has returned.
Rylan is really into Jimmy this year! He wakes up every morning wondering where he is, and if he has gotten into something. This particular day he wanted to dress like him.
Our tree is up. We had two little helpers this year. Elf 1................
and elf 2. Reesey still thinks we are decorating the tree, because she wants to play with the ornaments everyday. Just today she realized that she could unwrap the presents.
Our two little elves.
We went to Lubbock last weekend to celebrate Tia's birthday. We took her to dinner at Abuelo's (YUM) and then we all went to look at Christmas lights.
Here are Tia and Uncle Eric (so cute) and Rylan ready to go look at lights. Listening to Rylan's sweet little voice talk about his excitement for lights warmed this Mommy's heart. Although at one house I pointed out a Santa, his response was, "That's not the real Santa."  When do they start knowing that? The car went silent, all four of us adults were stumped on how to respond. LOL.
We got our first snow last Sunday night! Tyson ran out and began playing in it.
The babes and I waited until the next morning. Here are our little elves all bundled up.
Rylan loved playing in the snow.
Christmas projects are underway.
Our lights are up!
We are counting down until Jesus Birthday.

I would love for you to share what Christmas looks like at your house this year.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Three Generations

Buying gifts can sometimes be a difficult task. So whenever I can make something for someone, that is what I do. I love having children, because most of the time all grandparents really want is something from them. So, for Bruce this year I wanted to make something special for his birthday. Rylan is his only grandson and I wanted to make something that incorporated three generations of Purdy's. I came up with the idea of putting Bruce's handprint on a canvas, then Tyson's handprint on top of his, and Rylan's handprint on top of Tyson's. 3 Generations! It worked perfectly because they all three have different size hands. I used black paint for Bruce's hand, brown paint for Tyson's hand, and white paint for Rylan's hand. I found some masculine scrapbook paper at Hobby Lobby and edged the sides of the canvas with it. I then printed the bible verse Psalm 45:16, a verse about generations. I put the verse on the scrapbook paper, and used Mod Podge to put it on the canvas.
This was how the canvas looked when I was done.
This is a close up of the bible verse.
Here is a better angle. You can see the scrapbook paper on the edges, and you can see how well the handprints turned out. This was something I hope that Bruce loved.