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Tuesday, March 29, 2011


     We arrived in Muleshoe on Monday, and on Tuesday my two cousins Averi and Bayli came from Lubbock to visit. Averi has two precious little boys, Cade who will be three in August, and Caleb who is three months. My cousin Bayli has a sweet little girl in her tummy that is due in July. I was so happy that they came to play with us. Watching Cade and Rylan play gave me such excitement for what is to come. I can't wait to watch these two boys grow up together. Caleb was as sweet as can be. He let us all get some kisses and sweet love from him. Averi and Bayli thank you for coming and spending some time with us. Nothing is better than seeing family we miss so much. Below are a few pictures of Rylan and Cade playing. The two played well together, and sweet Caleb just watched with bright eyes. Only time will tell what kind of stories these boy cousins will have!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

To & From

     I will start by saying that we are now happily back at home in San Antonio. We had a wonderful two week visit in Muleshoe, but there is nothing like being in your own home. It is a weird thing of mine, but smelling my home brings me comfort. We left on Monday, March 14, and just got back home (Saturday, March 26). I have lots to share, so I will be sharing our visit post by post. This post will just be to share our trip there and our trip back.
     As I stated before we took on what is supposed to be about a 6 1/2 hour drive, with Tyson and I, a 22 month toddler, and two dogs. The car rides alone were an adventure! The trip there that takes most people about 6 1/2 hours took us 8. We of course had to stop to use the restroom and change Rylan's diapers a few times, but the real stop was at lunch. We finally took off from San Antonio at 9 AM. We stopped for lunch in San Angelo at around 1:00, and we took our time, we didn't get back into the car until about 2:15. Who takes that long at Subway? I think all five of us were just glad to be out of the car. We all ate, "potty" as Rylan says, and just took our time stretching before our next four hours in the car. Surprisingly enough we arrived in Muleshoe without any catastrophes. We didn't have any accidents, and Rylan was pleasantly happy the whole time, other than the occasional Teddy Graham that got thrown our way (which we soon took away). The only pitfall of the drive there was that Rylan only took a 30 minute nap the whole day. But he was happy, so no complaints from Mommy and Daddy! When we arrived to Nana & Papaw's they were waiting happily along with Granny. So after a long day in the car, Tyson and I had recruits ready when we arrived to a home cooked meal!
      The ride home was a little different than the ride there. It was still pretty uneventful, however, it took much longer than the drive there. We left Lubbock at 10:30, stopped in Abilene to have lunch with Granny at 1:30, and finally arrived in San Antonio at 7:30. The drive went really well other than the length of time it took us to get home. I drove the first half of the way while the boys slept, and then Tys drove the other half while I napped. Rylan kept us entertained the last hour before we finally made it home. We discovered his love of gummy worms. I gave him his first one and he gave me a look as if, "Are you serious mom, I can eat this?" Well after tasting one he realized that he could eat it and that they were actually very good. Every gummy worm given to him made him laugh hysterically, which is why the last hour was so great! Ry also found that Duncan is a fan of gummy worms too. As we started arriving into the Hill Country we were greeted with lush green trees and grass, beautiful bluebonnets, and other wild flowers lining the medians. They aren't in full bloom yet, and already they are so beautiful. 
      We were so glad to be home all 5 of us!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Family Came to Visit

      I promise that my next blog will be better. We are in Muleshoe until Saturday, and I am a little off my rocker, meaning not very organized without my home. Rylan, Tyson and I are enjoying all of our family, we are still house hunting, and taking care of a few things before we leave. 
     I wanted to post these pictures from February when Kirby and Momma came to see us. We had a great time, and we kept very busy. We girls shopped, the boys golfed, and we ate plenty. I love when my family comes to visit!
Momma, Kirby and Me.
Rylan and his Granny playing and laughing hysterically!
On Sunday Momma left early and we headed to Gruene. We enjoyed the food, the pretty scenery, as well as the Famous Gruene Hall.
Rylan was running around outside of Gruene Hall and Mommy decided to take some pictures of her boy playing.
I love this picture, Rylan was playing hide-and-seek. What is more precious than a child's laughter? And let me tell you Rylan really thought that he was being super funny.
My boys enjoying the live music at Gruene Hall.
Me and My Boys enjoying some dancing at Gruene Hall.
Rylan and his Uncle Kirby, or as Ry calls him from time to time "Bubba".

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Wild One

   A few weeks ago Rylan was sick, and the two of us stayed cooped up for a few days. Mommy didn't want to get out and infect anyone else with the flu. So as we sat in our clean disinfected house, Mommy began to go stir crazy. So I began going through my crafts and trying to find something new to make, and also something to keep my mind off of how badly I wanted me and the boy to get out. I randomly will buy cheap (meaning $2 or $3) wood plaques at TJ Maxx, Hobby Lobby, and Marshalls. Well I finally thought of something to do with them. I have seen these message/picture boards all over etsy, and I thought I could do those, easy. Then at Christmas my sister-in-law Samantha showed me one that a friend of hers had made. After closely examining it, her and I both decided that I should try and make one. But I needed someone as an inspiration to make one for. Being in the house for two days straight gave me the inspiration. I even ended up making two of them (the second one I will post later).
The color theme for this one came from my love of this zebra paper. I knew I would do black and white, but I also wanted to add one more color. We are moving to Red Raider territory so what other color than red? Which Tyson commented on when he saw it, "Tech colors, I like it".
I began by painting the wooden plaque and closepin black. Later I added my beloved zebra paper. This was my first attempt at making bows. There are two ladies in my MOPS group who make bows beautifully. They have both shown me there techniques, so I tried my hand at bow making. They didn't turn out as good as Kathy's or Stacy's but I figured it would work. The raffia at the top is my favorite part. I have seen this alot on etsy, I had bought some a while back (on sale of course) in hopes that I could find something to use it on.
I added two more ribbons straight across the bottom, one red with ruffle, and the other black with white trim. In all honesty I didn't plan on using the flower at the bottom. But I glued the ribbon on, and it ended up being a little uneven. So that is why I added the flower, and I ended up liking it. This is what being cooped up can create at the Purdy house. Now all I have to do is find someone to give it to.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Off to the "Shoe"

    In four days we are headed to Muleshoe. Tyson, Rylan, Duncan, Winston, and me will be there for two weeks. It is a long drive, and I can only imagine what this trip will be like for all 5 of us! I am sure once we get there it will be a good story, perhaps good enough to later tell you all. We are staying with Nana & Papaw, bless them! They are very excited and can't wait to play with Rylan. I just hope that they are prepared for our extended visit. While there we will see a LOT of family, house hunt, and hopefully get a date night or two!
     Tyson will be doing a two week ER rotation there. I am sure that he will be doing a lot more than that. I know him and Brucey are both very excited for Tyson to see how everything will work once Tyson begins in August! Rylan and I will be keeping busy. I am sure that Nana will entertain us plenty, plus Nana & Papaw just got a new puppy. We will be having a play date with our cousins Averi, her two boys Cade & Caleb, and my cousin Bayli! Both Kolby & Kirby have started reserving some of our time as well. We will be making a few trips to Lubbock to catch up with other family. We also plan on meeting up with old friends!         
     We are excited for this trip and know that it will give us a glimpse into our future. Tyson will hopefully get to see a lot of how the clinic, ER, and hospital work. Rylan and I will explore what a small town has to offer for us. Nana & Papaw will get tones of love. We will hopefully find a place that we can soon call home (meaning house and community). God has led us to this place for a reason, we pray that our journey is continually blessed with God's will and grace!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Our First Snow

     At the beginning of February we had a very unexpected visitor here in San Antonio. We woke up to snow covered ground. We were so excited! Reason one because Rylan has never seen snow, and reason two because Tyson and I haven't seen snow in a while. We actually got really lucky because San Antonio doesn't have snow often, so they didn't know what to do. The whole city pretty much shut down, I know funny right? However, we were grateful because Tyson got off! So we bundled up and headed out. At first Rylan was unsure of what to think or do with snow. Finally we got him to touch it, but I still think his favorite part of the snow was watching the neighbor kids sled. As always I took a lot of pictures, hope you enjoy our first, and only snow pictures for the year!
This was in our neighbors driveway, I had to get a picture.
Rylan and Daddy stepping out onto the snow. Rylan kept looking at it and calling it, "No".
We finally got Ry to touch it.
Our first family picture in the snow.
Rylan all bundled up. His name is written in the snow in front of him, but it is hard to read.
It was a perfect day. We played in the snow, had hot chocolate to warm up, and enjoyed having movie day at home with Daddy!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Wedding Invitations

     Back in October our dear friend Carolyn asked me if I could make her wedding invitations. I of course was honored and immediately said yes. However, I will admit that I was very intimidated. I had never done anything like this, and I was not for sure that I could make them as elegant and classy as the bride. Never the less, I took on the challenge. Carolyn wanted black, cream and pink to be used as the colors for the invitations. I love those three colors together, especially since they were our wedding colors as well! She gave me free reign, she said she trusted my judgement and told me to be creative. So that again made me nervous, what if she didn't like what I created? I decided to play it safe and create three different invitations and let her choose her favorite. So these were the three options she had.
Option 1: I found the black and cream paper at Hobby Lobby a while back, and had been in love with it for a while. I finally found a project to use it on. I thought that this style of invitation was simple but still classy.
Option 2: I chose to stick with the black and cream paper on all three, since I loved it so much. This invitation has to be opened to see the actual invite.
Option 2 Again: This is the inside of the invitation. I thought that this style was very elegant, but also something different that you don't see too often.
Option 3: I had to add a touch of whimsical to one of the options. Carolyn is one of the most fun people I know, so having a fun option was a must. This invitation was a little more taste specific but still pretty enough for a wedding.
Well which option did the bride choose? She chose option #2 (the middle one), which just so happened to be my favorite too. Carolyn thank you for allowing me to create such an important detail that lead up to your special day. It was honor to make something so personal for you and Doug. Many blessings and happiness!