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Monday, March 21, 2011

Family Came to Visit

      I promise that my next blog will be better. We are in Muleshoe until Saturday, and I am a little off my rocker, meaning not very organized without my home. Rylan, Tyson and I are enjoying all of our family, we are still house hunting, and taking care of a few things before we leave. 
     I wanted to post these pictures from February when Kirby and Momma came to see us. We had a great time, and we kept very busy. We girls shopped, the boys golfed, and we ate plenty. I love when my family comes to visit!
Momma, Kirby and Me.
Rylan and his Granny playing and laughing hysterically!
On Sunday Momma left early and we headed to Gruene. We enjoyed the food, the pretty scenery, as well as the Famous Gruene Hall.
Rylan was running around outside of Gruene Hall and Mommy decided to take some pictures of her boy playing.
I love this picture, Rylan was playing hide-and-seek. What is more precious than a child's laughter? And let me tell you Rylan really thought that he was being super funny.
My boys enjoying the live music at Gruene Hall.
Me and My Boys enjoying some dancing at Gruene Hall.
Rylan and his Uncle Kirby, or as Ry calls him from time to time "Bubba".

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