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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Wedding Invitations

     Back in October our dear friend Carolyn asked me if I could make her wedding invitations. I of course was honored and immediately said yes. However, I will admit that I was very intimidated. I had never done anything like this, and I was not for sure that I could make them as elegant and classy as the bride. Never the less, I took on the challenge. Carolyn wanted black, cream and pink to be used as the colors for the invitations. I love those three colors together, especially since they were our wedding colors as well! She gave me free reign, she said she trusted my judgement and told me to be creative. So that again made me nervous, what if she didn't like what I created? I decided to play it safe and create three different invitations and let her choose her favorite. So these were the three options she had.
Option 1: I found the black and cream paper at Hobby Lobby a while back, and had been in love with it for a while. I finally found a project to use it on. I thought that this style of invitation was simple but still classy.
Option 2: I chose to stick with the black and cream paper on all three, since I loved it so much. This invitation has to be opened to see the actual invite.
Option 2 Again: This is the inside of the invitation. I thought that this style was very elegant, but also something different that you don't see too often.
Option 3: I had to add a touch of whimsical to one of the options. Carolyn is one of the most fun people I know, so having a fun option was a must. This invitation was a little more taste specific but still pretty enough for a wedding.
Well which option did the bride choose? She chose option #2 (the middle one), which just so happened to be my favorite too. Carolyn thank you for allowing me to create such an important detail that lead up to your special day. It was honor to make something so personal for you and Doug. Many blessings and happiness!

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