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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A Sip and See

The fun thing about living in a small town is all of the support. When someone gets married or has a new baby everyone showers you with love. It was my pleasure to host a baby shower for my sweet friend Camille. She just had her third baby girl, Etta. Her husband is a dairy farmer so we thought it only fitting to have a few cows thrown into our decor.
We decorated with pinks, black and white. We did a sip and see, which is where people come and go to see the baby and sip on something.
We served different cookies and cold milk served in mason jars.
Another friend put this precious diaper cake together.
We also had muffins and coffee for the guests.
Here is sweet Etta with her Mommy.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Camping/Fishing Family Trip

Two weeks ago, we took our babies and went camping/fishing with my family in Oklahoma. My Granny, Papa, aunts and uncles, cousins, etc. have been doing this for about 7 years now. We haven't been able to go until this year. We are so glad we did. We had the best time. We relaxed and were refreshed when we returned home. I will explain the rest in pictures!
The best part of all was watching my cousins babies and our babies play together. The older four got along really well and were so cute to watch. Reesey tagged along thinking she was big enough for hiking, playing superheros, climbing trees, running races, anything you can think of. The kids had a blast and were going 100% of the day!
Early one morning my Papa, Tyson and Rylan went out to go fishing.
My Papa had the big kids run races around our campsite. It was so funny and good for them all four to release that kind of energy. My Papa had gotten them all trophies.
The boys were the proudest of their trophies. I love this picture of the Daddy's looking on at their boys.
In the evenings this was our view................beautiful.
Another picture of the five great-grand babies.
Here are the proud great grandparents with their beautiful brood.
What is a camping trip without Smore's. The kids loved this and so did most of the grown-ups.
Reesey even got to partake in the action. She has a sweet tooth like her Mommy and Bubba, so our girl ate up her smore rather fast.
On another day my cousin and her babes, Rylan and I went out with my Uncle Lynn. Each kid got a turn to drive his boat. 
We fished in boats and off the shore. Rylan caught a fish with the help of many. He was very proud but didn't want to hold it.
My momma came up the last night we were there. I love this picture it is my cousin Stephanie (my playmate growing up), Aunt Debbie, Granny, Momma, and me.
This was a sweet week for the Purdy's. It was a perfect trip for the age of our babies, nothing stressful just fun, surrounded by family and God's beauty. Rylan already asks when we will be going camping again.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Our Family Command Station

I have rearranged and redone our laundry room a few times. I'm hoping that I finally have found a perfect set up for it.  After being on pintrest and seeing command stations I got inspired yet again.
This was what I originally started with it.
Another picture of the 1st set up.
I later painted the brown shelf white, and it really cleaned up the area.
I liked this set-up for a while, that is until pintrest intervened.
This is our new set-up/family command station.
I wanted the area to have more of a purpose and not be so cluttered. The two hooks hold things needed on a weekly basis; 1. coupons  2. business cards. The calendar is our monthly calendar, it holds birthdays, holidays, anniversaries and other important dates that I don't need to forget.
I had three old frames that were silver, I painted them white and gave each of them a new purpose. This one holds our newest family pictures collage. I had to have pictures of my daily inspiration in life up in my command babes!
This is a cork board I purchased at Hobby Lobby, 1/2 off of course, I think it was $3. I painted it and used the decorative nails that I purchased at Lowes for another project. The nails actually are holding it in place in the wall. I use it for notes I need for the week, family pictures, or things I'm proud of (our Color Run numbers)!
This is our weekly calendar, it holds our weekly list of to-do's. This is another one of the old frames I repurposed. I printed a weekly calendar off of pintrest and put it in the frame as a picture.  I use a dry erase marker to write in our weekly schedule.
The black shelf on the right was purchased at Hobby Lobby for $22, 1/2 off also. The two slots help keep me organized with our bills. The top slot is for bills to be filed, the bottom slot is for bills to pay.  
The hanging baskets on the desk were given to me by my Aunt Nancy. I love it and have been dying to figure out how to put it in this station. In it I store my "let's get organized binder", my "favorite recipe binder", scissors, pens, and other misc. I love that I still have some room to add other things if I so feel the need later on.

This is exactly what I wanted in here. I had been collecting and pinning stuff since before Christmas. It isn't that I didn't have the time, it was that I couldn't figure out exactly how I wanted everything organized. I'm glad I waited, saved some holes in the wall, and did this as cheap as I could . The whole thing cost me $25.  Maybe this has inspired you, or provoked you to share your family command station.