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Monday, August 29, 2011

What Happens When You Wake Up at 5:00 AM?

     Rylan is now in a big boy bed! Which is great, the transition went much easier than Tyson and I had anticipated. The only downfall is that our little man wakes up really early now. On this particular morning he woke up at 5:00 AM. We tried to put him back in his bed, but he was actually up for the day. So we got busy getting things done, and to my surprise he was very cheerful about all we did that morning. However, at one point I began doing laundry and I noticed that the house was rather silent. Silence in our home is a weird sound, especially with our vibrant two year old. So, when silence occurs that usually means that I should go and check on Rylan. Well, to my surprise; no mess, no chaos, just a sweet sweet boy who had fallen fast asleep at 10:30 in the morning (which is early considering that our nap is usually at 1:30). This was no ordinary day, a 5:00 AM wake up and a 10:30 AM nap.  When I walked into the living room and saw Rylan sleeping so sweetly it brought back memories of days I miss. I loved it when Rylan was a baby and would fall asleep in my arms. I would just sit and watch him sleep, really in awe of him.  I miss the days of getting to hold my sweet baby while he slept, those are sweet moments I will remember forever, and miss frequently.  Rarely do I get to see him sleep because he is usually in his bed. This was a sweet moment for a Mommy who can't believe how big her little boy is.
I forgot to mention that he fell asleep eating a blueberry muffin.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Chair Redo

     Recently my friend Allison, invited me to join Pintrest (  It is a website designed to get a womans checkbook shaking, her DIY skills moving, and her addiction to a new Internet site annoying to her husband. Well, that is at least what it has become for me. This website gives you ideas from fashion, food, holidays, gift ideas, decorating, and even photography. You name it you can find it on Pintrest. With a new house that we need to fill up, I have been on this site ALOT! I love it, I really do. What I have found most addictive is the refurbished furniture. With us moving into a bigger house I have been trying to feel up the extra space with cheap finds that I can redo myself. So far I have had a few projects. Which Tyson loves, because with me being 6 months pregnant he gets to help with all of the projects I decide to do.  Long story short I have begun redoing furniture for the house thanks to Pintrest.  So, you may be seeing a lot more posts about my refurbished finds.
     This find I found at a Goodwill in Clovis, NM. Kyra was with me and she thought that the chair I was buying for $9 was really ugly. I told her, "But we can redo it and it will be a perfect chair for the desk in the laundry room". Strange I know, a desk in a laundry room, but that's where it is. Anyway, so I have posted the before and after pictures of our chair redo. I say "our" because Kyra and Tyson helped with this one. It turned out perfect for what I am using it for, and plus it was a really cheap chair.
This is the before picture.
The seat of the chair was white faux leather, and the rest was just brown wood with the wicker backing.
This is after picture of my now desk chair. We painted it a dark brown and reupholstered the seat. The paint I already had = Free.
This is a close up of the fabric that we used on the seat. I had an old curtain that I couldn't use anywhere in the new house. I LOVED this fabric and saved the curtain hoping to use it on something. Well the chair was my something. So paint was free, and fabric was free, and the chair was a total cost of $9.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Daddy's Big Helper

There are days when I am overjoyed, abundantly blessed and teary eyed over how much I love my family. Rylan is a ball of energy, and is always doing something to make Tyson and I laugh at him or with him. On this particular day Mommy had a project for Daddy; shelves for Rylan's room made out of wooden pallets. Also, on this particular day Rylan had a diaper rash of the worst kind. Rylan loves to do most things his Daddy does, so following him around and helping him with whatever he is doing is usually our boys mane objective for each day. These are two pictures I captured of Rylan being his "Daddy's Big Helper".  This was one of those very happy Momma Moments!
Remember we had a diaper rash?  And I am told that the best thing for a nasty diaper rash is to let it air out.  The cowboy hat? Well, this is something we wear everyday, Rylan loves his cowboy hat that Uncle Kirby got him.
I guess all men love power tools.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Galveston Island

     It has been a while since Tyson and I have returned to the island where it all began for us. The island is where we lived for our first four years of marriage, where Tyson attended medical school, where we made lifelong friends, where we learned to live as one, where I found my first job as a teacher, and where we still miss today. We loved living on the island but when we matched in San Antonio, we realized it was time for us to leave. Our new lives in San Antonio brought many more new things that soon made us forget about our beloved Galveston. However, three years after being away we felt the need to return and enjoy some island life. We also were so excited to go and revisit all of our old places and show Rylan where it all began for Mommy and Daddy.
     The island was just as we remembered, for the most part. After hurricane Ike there have been some changes made, but it still had that infectious low key island feel, that I miss from time to time. However, what I had forgotten and do not miss is the way my hair turned into a large birds nest. But lets stay on track here, hair isn't that big of deal anyway, right? We went by both of our old houses; House 1. Our very first home as husband and wife was exactly how we remember. House 2. Had been effected by the storm. But just seeing them made Tyson and I reminisce about the old days.
     While there we took advantage of the fabulous San Luis pool (which was at the hotel we stayed at), enjoyed the beach, the waves, the sound of soothing calmness, looked at boats, ate a lot (at old and new places), and we enjoyed our family time of just us three. Sharing a hotel room for three days brings a family closer together.
     Here are pictures to better describe our island time.
We of course had to have some gumbo while we were there. Here is Rylan and Tyson digging in.
Rylan loves all things transportation and so we took him to see the boats that are docked down in bay.
There were also lots of pelicans by the boats. So birds and boats, that is a two for one deal when it comes to our boy.
This is where we spent most of our time, in the water. We were either in the water at our hotel pool or in the water at the beach. Rylan is a water loving boy, always has been. So we knew that this was one fun vacation for him. He has gotten so good at swimming too. We already have to have our running shoes on when we are near water, next summer will be a scary adventure.
We decided to take my 25 week belly picture off of the balcony of our room. It was a beautiful calm day on the island.
This was a place we loved when we lived in Galveston, Sonny's. Bruce and his friends went here when they were in medical school, and we did the same while we were there. Sonny's was a weekly occurrence when we lived in Galveston. Perhaps that is why I gained 10 lbs. our first year of marriage. But either way the food there is delicious, the owner and his son are so sweet, they still remembered us after three years and lots of customers later. It felt so good to be back.
Tyson was one proud Daddy when his son took to the shuffleboard table. Just as Tyson and his friends used to do.

It was great to be back, and we look forward to our next island getaway.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

3rd Stop

     We were so happy to get to spend some time with Aunt Judy, Pete, Nickie and Skyler. These four are fun all the time. We had a great time just visiting, relaxing, eating like King's, and chasing Rylan. As most of you know Aunt Judy is a fabulous cook, and you can always expect something delicious and new coming from her kitchen. Well she didn't disappoint, and to our surprise Rylan jumped right in and ate whatever was laid before him. While that close to Houston Children's Museum we decided to take advantage and take Rylan there. He loved it of course. The place was packed so we spent most of our time there in the Tot Spot. In this section of the museum they allow up to 36 months, so we fit right in. Rylan immediately found the cars and spent a good thirty minutes on each of them. After spending most of the day at the museum we went back to Aunt Judy's, it was time for Rylan to nap.
     However, when Momma went to lay him down he told me, "Pete in bathing suit, I swim Momma!"  He was right, Pete was in his bathing suit down by the pool when we got home from the museum. We just thought he didn't notice.  Well whats a vacation if you don't enjoy a little off the schedule fun? So we skipped nap put on our suites and headed to the pool. It was a great day for the pool, and skipping nap didn't hurt us too bad after all. When we went to dinner that night our little man was the best he has ever been eating out, perhaps he was tired. Either way, Tys and I took advantage and reveled in our first meal out where leaving the table didn't occur once.
     After Judy's we loaded up and headed onto Galveston Island, just the three (and 1/2) of us!  Galveston to come................ 
Rylan sat in the car with every child there. First this sweet little girl.
2nd this cute little boy, who loved them as much as Ry.
3rd this baby. Seriously thirty minutes was spent going from car to car.
I love children's museums they always offer great new educational experiences. This one had the best outdoor water section that I have seen. Rylan loved it, and it was hot so water was a good thing.
There were a few animals, the pond was another hit. They had turtles which were fun to watch.
They also had baby chicks which were so cute. But, we couldn't hold them. Rylan kept saying, "I hold it".
Rylan enjoying skipping his nap and swimming with Aunt Judy.
The boys; Pete, Tyson and Rylan pool side.
Rylan loved Skyler. She taught him how to play La Crosse. She is so patient and sweet with him. Maybe having kids 10 years apart isn't a bad idea, what a big help she was.
Rylan learning from the master cook Aunt Judy.

Monday, August 8, 2011

2nd Stop

     After we went to Momma and Jay Jay's we went on to Richmond, Tx. Richmond is near Houston, that is where Allison's parents live, and where her and Trey were staying. We were there for a few days which was awesome. It gave us time to catch up with Allison, and to see our boys in action together again. We hadn't seem them since September last year. Watching Trey and Rylan play together now as 2 year olds was awesome. They played like you would expect two year old boys to play, a lot, and rowdy. They tackled, played with trucks, threw balls, and even fought over a few of the more exciting toys. I will let the pictures do the talking, they can explain the fun the boys had better than I can.
Trey tackling Rylan.
Rylan tackling Trey, did I mention there was lot of this?
The best picture we could get of the two of them actually posing together, kind of.
Allison's Momma was baking cakes and let the boys in on the batter. They loved it!
Allison running the bases with the boys while us adults batted for them. Glad she did this because I didn't have the energy.
             Tyson playing airplane with the boys. If one was flying the other one was tackling him.

Saturday, August 6, 2011


     Before Tyson started working on August 1st we decided to have a family vacation. We have no idea when he will be able to get time off again, so we decided to take advantage and have a week long vacation. We traveled across Texas, way down to where it all began. For the majority of the time we were in Houston/Galveston area. We visited family and friends. We had a great time and some much needed family time, just the three of us.
     We started out at Momma and Jay's house in Eastland. Then we went on to Richmond, (near Houston) to see Allison and Trey who were home from Seattle. Then we went and stayed in Dickinson (near Houston) with Aunt Judy, Pete, Nickie and Skyler. After that we went to the island of Galveston for a few days, and we just enjoyed our little family. After that we headed back to Richmond to be there for Trey's 2nd birthday party and also to see Brian. This vacation was a week long that is for sure, but we had the best time, and made lots of memories!
    I will blog each stop as it's own first was Momma and Jay Jay's.  While there basically all Rylan allowed us to do was ride the gator, tractors, and lawn mowers. But Tyson didn't complain too much (really not at all) because he was enjoying himself too.  We have found a new love for this boy, tractors.  It was great to see their place, them, and to have some down time while Momma  and Jay Jay took over Rylan duty.

Rylan, Granny, and Jay Jay all going for Rylan's first ride on the gator.
Rylan going on a ride with Granny.
Before long we heard Ryaln's favorite saying, "I Do It". This time meaning no it is my turn to drive, after that he was in the drivers seat.
       Even when it was turned off we couldn't get him off of the lawn mower.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Our Girl

     After a few ultrasounds we are now pretty sure that our little pea is indeed a GIRL! We have had a few but some of them were not very clear. But after several of them showing no wee-wee we are announcing to you that it is a GIRL! We have our "official" ultrasound on the 25th, if it says any different we are in for a change. Because Granny and Mommy have already bought our Sweet P little girl outfits.
     We are so blessed and excited to have one of each. We are trying to get Rylan to say sister now instead of the generic baby. Now all we need to do is start preparing ourselves for a little girl. We have gotten so used to the craziness of a boy, a girl will throw us for a loop.