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Thursday, August 11, 2011

3rd Stop

     We were so happy to get to spend some time with Aunt Judy, Pete, Nickie and Skyler. These four are fun all the time. We had a great time just visiting, relaxing, eating like King's, and chasing Rylan. As most of you know Aunt Judy is a fabulous cook, and you can always expect something delicious and new coming from her kitchen. Well she didn't disappoint, and to our surprise Rylan jumped right in and ate whatever was laid before him. While that close to Houston Children's Museum we decided to take advantage and take Rylan there. He loved it of course. The place was packed so we spent most of our time there in the Tot Spot. In this section of the museum they allow up to 36 months, so we fit right in. Rylan immediately found the cars and spent a good thirty minutes on each of them. After spending most of the day at the museum we went back to Aunt Judy's, it was time for Rylan to nap.
     However, when Momma went to lay him down he told me, "Pete in bathing suit, I swim Momma!"  He was right, Pete was in his bathing suit down by the pool when we got home from the museum. We just thought he didn't notice.  Well whats a vacation if you don't enjoy a little off the schedule fun? So we skipped nap put on our suites and headed to the pool. It was a great day for the pool, and skipping nap didn't hurt us too bad after all. When we went to dinner that night our little man was the best he has ever been eating out, perhaps he was tired. Either way, Tys and I took advantage and reveled in our first meal out where leaving the table didn't occur once.
     After Judy's we loaded up and headed onto Galveston Island, just the three (and 1/2) of us!  Galveston to come................ 
Rylan sat in the car with every child there. First this sweet little girl.
2nd this cute little boy, who loved them as much as Ry.
3rd this baby. Seriously thirty minutes was spent going from car to car.
I love children's museums they always offer great new educational experiences. This one had the best outdoor water section that I have seen. Rylan loved it, and it was hot so water was a good thing.
There were a few animals, the pond was another hit. They had turtles which were fun to watch.
They also had baby chicks which were so cute. But, we couldn't hold them. Rylan kept saying, "I hold it".
Rylan enjoying skipping his nap and swimming with Aunt Judy.
The boys; Pete, Tyson and Rylan pool side.
Rylan loved Skyler. She taught him how to play La Crosse. She is so patient and sweet with him. Maybe having kids 10 years apart isn't a bad idea, what a big help she was.
Rylan learning from the master cook Aunt Judy.

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