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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Galveston Island

     It has been a while since Tyson and I have returned to the island where it all began for us. The island is where we lived for our first four years of marriage, where Tyson attended medical school, where we made lifelong friends, where we learned to live as one, where I found my first job as a teacher, and where we still miss today. We loved living on the island but when we matched in San Antonio, we realized it was time for us to leave. Our new lives in San Antonio brought many more new things that soon made us forget about our beloved Galveston. However, three years after being away we felt the need to return and enjoy some island life. We also were so excited to go and revisit all of our old places and show Rylan where it all began for Mommy and Daddy.
     The island was just as we remembered, for the most part. After hurricane Ike there have been some changes made, but it still had that infectious low key island feel, that I miss from time to time. However, what I had forgotten and do not miss is the way my hair turned into a large birds nest. But lets stay on track here, hair isn't that big of deal anyway, right? We went by both of our old houses; House 1. Our very first home as husband and wife was exactly how we remember. House 2. Had been effected by the storm. But just seeing them made Tyson and I reminisce about the old days.
     While there we took advantage of the fabulous San Luis pool (which was at the hotel we stayed at), enjoyed the beach, the waves, the sound of soothing calmness, looked at boats, ate a lot (at old and new places), and we enjoyed our family time of just us three. Sharing a hotel room for three days brings a family closer together.
     Here are pictures to better describe our island time.
We of course had to have some gumbo while we were there. Here is Rylan and Tyson digging in.
Rylan loves all things transportation and so we took him to see the boats that are docked down in bay.
There were also lots of pelicans by the boats. So birds and boats, that is a two for one deal when it comes to our boy.
This is where we spent most of our time, in the water. We were either in the water at our hotel pool or in the water at the beach. Rylan is a water loving boy, always has been. So we knew that this was one fun vacation for him. He has gotten so good at swimming too. We already have to have our running shoes on when we are near water, next summer will be a scary adventure.
We decided to take my 25 week belly picture off of the balcony of our room. It was a beautiful calm day on the island.
This was a place we loved when we lived in Galveston, Sonny's. Bruce and his friends went here when they were in medical school, and we did the same while we were there. Sonny's was a weekly occurrence when we lived in Galveston. Perhaps that is why I gained 10 lbs. our first year of marriage. But either way the food there is delicious, the owner and his son are so sweet, they still remembered us after three years and lots of customers later. It felt so good to be back.
Tyson was one proud Daddy when his son took to the shuffleboard table. Just as Tyson and his friends used to do.

It was great to be back, and we look forward to our next island getaway.

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