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Monday, August 8, 2011

2nd Stop

     After we went to Momma and Jay Jay's we went on to Richmond, Tx. Richmond is near Houston, that is where Allison's parents live, and where her and Trey were staying. We were there for a few days which was awesome. It gave us time to catch up with Allison, and to see our boys in action together again. We hadn't seem them since September last year. Watching Trey and Rylan play together now as 2 year olds was awesome. They played like you would expect two year old boys to play, a lot, and rowdy. They tackled, played with trucks, threw balls, and even fought over a few of the more exciting toys. I will let the pictures do the talking, they can explain the fun the boys had better than I can.
Trey tackling Rylan.
Rylan tackling Trey, did I mention there was lot of this?
The best picture we could get of the two of them actually posing together, kind of.
Allison's Momma was baking cakes and let the boys in on the batter. They loved it!
Allison running the bases with the boys while us adults batted for them. Glad she did this because I didn't have the energy.
             Tyson playing airplane with the boys. If one was flying the other one was tackling him.

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