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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Chair Redo

     Recently my friend Allison, invited me to join Pintrest (  It is a website designed to get a womans checkbook shaking, her DIY skills moving, and her addiction to a new Internet site annoying to her husband. Well, that is at least what it has become for me. This website gives you ideas from fashion, food, holidays, gift ideas, decorating, and even photography. You name it you can find it on Pintrest. With a new house that we need to fill up, I have been on this site ALOT! I love it, I really do. What I have found most addictive is the refurbished furniture. With us moving into a bigger house I have been trying to feel up the extra space with cheap finds that I can redo myself. So far I have had a few projects. Which Tyson loves, because with me being 6 months pregnant he gets to help with all of the projects I decide to do.  Long story short I have begun redoing furniture for the house thanks to Pintrest.  So, you may be seeing a lot more posts about my refurbished finds.
     This find I found at a Goodwill in Clovis, NM. Kyra was with me and she thought that the chair I was buying for $9 was really ugly. I told her, "But we can redo it and it will be a perfect chair for the desk in the laundry room". Strange I know, a desk in a laundry room, but that's where it is. Anyway, so I have posted the before and after pictures of our chair redo. I say "our" because Kyra and Tyson helped with this one. It turned out perfect for what I am using it for, and plus it was a really cheap chair.
This is the before picture.
The seat of the chair was white faux leather, and the rest was just brown wood with the wicker backing.
This is after picture of my now desk chair. We painted it a dark brown and reupholstered the seat. The paint I already had = Free.
This is a close up of the fabric that we used on the seat. I had an old curtain that I couldn't use anywhere in the new house. I LOVED this fabric and saved the curtain hoping to use it on something. Well the chair was my something. So paint was free, and fabric was free, and the chair was a total cost of $9.

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  1. I LOVE Pinterest!! It is so addicting! The chair turned out perfect!