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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Riding in Ruidoso

     Last weekend we loaded up and drove the three hours from Muleshoe to Ruidoso, NM. We were thinking the trip would be 4 hours, three was even better. We left early so that we could make it in time for the horseraces. When we got there we ate and then went out to Grindstone Stables. My cousin Stephanie and her husband Kevin run the stables there. We thought that we would pop in and just say hey for a bit.  Rylan fell asleep in the car, which was good we needed him to nap before the races began. So he napped in the air conditioned car while we visited with family.  When we got the stables we were surprised to also see my Aunt Jane and Uncle Paul, cousin Amy and her two kiddos Conner and Emma there too. They were headed out of town so we didn't visit long, but glad to see them either way.
     After the stables we headed over to the racetracks, and on the way we got to enjoy a refreshing mountain rain. That is one of my favorite smells, and it lingered for a few hours, as the rain would come and go during the races. We met Uncle Kirby and his girlfriend Brenay at the races. Which was double fun, 1). Because Rylan loves his Uncle Kirby 2). and it was Uncle Kirby's birthday. There were ten races and before every race Rylan let us know when the tractors plowed the tracks. He also let us know that each race was about to begin by announcing, "Ready, Set, Go" before the horses took off. Tyson, Rylan and I were unlucky and didn't win any of the races. But Kirby and Brenay were much luckier and won a few. Kirby had a friend who had family who trained a lot of the horses that were racing. They had a horse in 9 out of 10 of the races. The first race their horse won, and they invited us to come and sit with them, which was an upgrade from our seats. They had TV's in their section, so Rylan could get an even closer look. It was neat to sit with people who really had a large investment in each race. Plus they ended up winning the last race and they invited us to go down and have our picture taken with them and the winning horse. That made the races and Kirby's birthday very special. After the races we went and checked into our cabins, freshened up and then headed over to my cousins house for dinner. It was a family get together of sorts, it was my cousin Stephanie, her husband Kevin, their three kids, my cousin Jake and his fiance Ashley, Kirby and Brenay, Rylan, Tyson and I. Steph's kids are all around Rylan's age so seeing them all four play was great, they had never all been together before. That night was also special because we got to celebrate Uncle Kirby's birthday with him.
     On Saturday morning we got up early and headed back out to the stables. Kirby, Brenay, Tyson and Rylan were scheduled to ride at 8:00 am. I couldn't because of this sweet baby that is growing in my belly. But just seeing Rylan on that horse and hearing his excitement made it okay, plus I made Tyson give me a play-by-play of the whole ride once we left. Rylan loved it (so I was told), he kept saying, "Yee-haw Cowboy" and he kept saying his horses name, "Go Duke Go". He looked so cute all decked out in his boots and hat. The rest of the day was taken up by a multitude of things; lunch, downtown shopping, ice cream, playing at a park we were told about from a friend, bowling, and then heading back out to the stables for a crawfish boil. Spending the evening with so much family was just what we needed. Watching Rylan and Steph's kids play was so awesome to see. It reminded me of when her and I were young, and all the fun we had together. Rylan loved the horses and he is still talking about them.
     The weather was great and the company was even better. We now know that a mountain getaway is just three hours away and full of a good time.

Rylan yelling, "Ready, Set, Go"!
A look at the storm from behind the mountains, beautiful.
Tyson, Rylan and I in the winners circle.
The birthday boy and his number one fan.
Kirby being surprised with a cake, it isn't a birthday unless you blow out at least one candle.
My cousin's girls and Rylan visiting together, this was neat to watch.
My boys headed to ride Duke.
My boys heading out for their ride, Rylan's first horse ride.
The delicious crawfish that we had that night for dinner.
          My sweet cousin Stephanie and I. We were talking and it has been since my wedding (almost 7 years ago) that we took a picture together. I am so looking forward to being closer to her and her family and getting pictures a lot more frequently.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Moving In

As adults packing and unpacking your home isn't always the greatest adventure. However, to our two year old little boy it was the best time he had had in months (or so he made it seem). Whatever paper we unpacked from our boxes Rylan used as more fluff for his bed of paper.
Rylan loving just laying in his new bed. He kept telling us, "Look, I funny". We agreed he was funny and adorable.
After a while the mess was so massive we couldn't even walk through the dining room. But who cares, when your child's laughter is coming from that room.

Friday, July 8, 2011

The Move

     Well, we are officially here in Muleshoe. After tearful goodbyes, days of movers, hotel beds and lots of eating out we are in our new home. We just got rid of the last boxes yesterday and we are finally able to function in the house. Rylan seems to love it. He has quickly learned how to use the doggy door to go outside and play, where his bibs and silverware are in the kitchen, and that he now has plenty of room to play and scatter his toys about.
     We are not used to having this much room. Our furniture does not fill this house up and I have plenty of room left in the closets (I am sure the new baby will take up what I don't). We are still adjusting to everything but mainly just to Daddy being home this much. It is so nice to have him home, we get him until August 1. August 1st is his official start date. So for the next three weeks we are trying to soak up all of him we can. We are planning on getting everything for the house in order and then playing with the rest of the time we have left.
     Hopefully the next post will include pictures. We just got internet yesterday and I haven't had time to upload anything yet. So until things settle down...........................