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Friday, July 8, 2011

The Move

     Well, we are officially here in Muleshoe. After tearful goodbyes, days of movers, hotel beds and lots of eating out we are in our new home. We just got rid of the last boxes yesterday and we are finally able to function in the house. Rylan seems to love it. He has quickly learned how to use the doggy door to go outside and play, where his bibs and silverware are in the kitchen, and that he now has plenty of room to play and scatter his toys about.
     We are not used to having this much room. Our furniture does not fill this house up and I have plenty of room left in the closets (I am sure the new baby will take up what I don't). We are still adjusting to everything but mainly just to Daddy being home this much. It is so nice to have him home, we get him until August 1. August 1st is his official start date. So for the next three weeks we are trying to soak up all of him we can. We are planning on getting everything for the house in order and then playing with the rest of the time we have left.
     Hopefully the next post will include pictures. We just got internet yesterday and I haven't had time to upload anything yet. So until things settle down...........................

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