Photography By: Madison Bamert Photography

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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

18 Weeks

     We took this picture last week. We were exactly 18 weeks. I, along with our little bean are beginning to get bigger and bigger. I am still able to wear my normal clothes, but I think we will soon have to splurge on some maternity shorts. At 17 weeks we began to feel little kicks. I can feel more and more each day, that is my favorite part. I am feeling much better, and Rylan is imitating Mommy being sick less often. I still have days where the nausea returns, but much better than before.

     We recently did an ultrasound and we were unable to find any male plumbing. So as of now we are thinking it is a girl. But we would like to do another ultrasound just to be sure. Boy or girl we are just excited!
   I love the way Rylan jumped in the picture to join me! That is our little man, always craving a laugh.


  1. Congratulations! I didn't know you were expecting. How exciting! :)

  2. Wish I could rub your belly! You look great, Mama! :)