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Sunday, June 5, 2011

California Vacation Again

     While in California we attempted the beach a few times. On Wednesday we went and Rylan wasn't so fond of it. So, on Thursday we decided to try again. This day we had planned just as a beach day. We decided to go to the beach on base; 1. To see where Uncle Eric works, 2. Tia said it was a really nice beach. So with our fingers crossed we took our two year old back to the beach.  When we first got on base it was so cute because Rylan called out to every Marine thinking that they were "Uncal Ewic", so sweet. In his defense once all dressed up they all look very similar. Tia showed us around base and then we headed to the beach section. It was a beautiful day for the beach (did I mention everyday there was perfect and beautiful?). 
     This time is was a SUCCESS! Rylan really enjoyed everything that the beach had to offer. He loved watching the birds and trying to feed them his goldfish (ironic I know), playing in the sand using his tools we got him, burying all of our feet in the sand, watching other children play in the sand and the water, but his favorite was the water and the waves. Who knew that from one day to the next he would change his mind about the ocean. This time he loved the water, laughed at the waves, and ran into the waves. Daddy went in with him, it was freezing and Mommy and Tia weren't brave enough for the challenge. Daddy had to run after Rylan a few times, because he became fearless of the water and would run right in. He laughed so much, it was worth the entire trip just to see him take in the ocean. I don't know what it is, but hearing and seeing your child happy brings more joy to a parent than even imaginable.
     When Daddy was cold from the water and Rylan had goosebumps we decided it was time to dry off. However, Rylan wasn't having it. He would grab Tyson's hand and say "More Aqua Dadda". So Daddy scooped him up and they went in again. This was the response to the beach that we were looking for!
Our little beach bum.
Daddy & Rylan racing into the water.
Me and my family in front of the Pacific Ocean.
Please look away from my little bulge of a belly.
Kyra said "You look great just wear a bikini", that was just my sister being sweet.
 So I did, it is all I have anyway.
Warming up after a dip in the water. Belly hidden this time, your welcome.
                        By the end we were all getting a little tired. Rylan decided Tia looked like a good place for a nap, so Mommy joined him.

     Thursday night we went to Pizza Port. It is a microbrewery that Uncle Eric was dying to take us to (mainly Tyson). It was in downtown Carlsbad. The pizza was delicious and the men said the beer was good too. While there I noticed what a neat little area of Carlsbad it was. We had originally planned on going into LA on Friday. But it would have been a two hour drive, plus there isn't a whole lot that would interest Rylan. So I suggested going back to downtown Carlsbad. Tia said she had never been and would love to go. But before we went there Mommy and Tia had some sisterly time at the Spa. We went and had coffee, pedicures, many laughs, and great conversation. I was grateful to Tyson for letting us go and have a morning to ourselves.  On Friday afternoon we went to downtown Carlsbad.  We had ice cream, did some shopping, explored the area, and stopped by a restaurant for chips and salsa. It was a perfect day.
     Friday night Tia and Uncle Eric said "Go on a date, we want to watch Rylan for you". We couldn't turn down that offer; 1. It has been a while since we have been on a date, 2. Rylan loves Tia and Eric so much that he probably didn't even notice we were gone. Tyson and I had seen a French Restaurant in downtown Carlsbad that we wanted to try, so we did. It was so nice to have a sit down dinner that we didn't have to rush through, and also a meal where we actually got to enjoy each other's conversation. Most of the time we are hurrying so that the other one can eat while the other one watches Rylan. It was a romantic and a delicious meal. After that we did what most parents rarely get the option of doing. That's right, we went to the movies. It is our third movie to see in theatre since Rylan was born.  We saw Bridesmaids and it was hilarious, we laughed through the entire movie. Thank you Tia and Uncle Eric for letting us catch up and enjoy an evening just the two of us!
     Saturday was the day we left. That is all I am going to say, because the tears will begin just as they did when they dropped us off at the airport. There are some vacations that you end up looking forward to returning home. This vacation was not that kind at all, we were sad to leave. It was a great vacation spent with two very sweet people, filled with lots of new memories, and we weren't exhausted at the end. We look forward to our next California vacation.

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  1. I am loving hearing all about California! Keep the posts coming, I know you've got more to say. :) Love to you and your boys! (And stop hiding your belly!)