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Friday, June 3, 2011

California Continued

I apologize in advance: THIS IS A LONG POST, WITH LOTS OF PICTURES. 

    On Tuesday of our week long vacation Tia, Daddy, Mommy and Rylan loaded up and headed to the San Diego Zoo. We woke up early ate breakfast, got ready, and headed out. On the way there Rylan took a nap, so he was rested and ready to explore. The San Diego Zoo is incredible and Rylan loved all of the animals. However, there is a lot of walking, but well worth all the great animals you will see.
The giraffes were a hit, especially the baby one, she was so cute!
Here is Tia helping Rylan get a better look at the flamingos.
This guy was fun to watch, because he got really close to the cage. Rylan kept roaring at him.
Daddy and Rylan making an elephant trunk and mimicking their sound. The elephants didn't respond, but Tia and Mommy got great entertainment out of the boys.
This was one of the tigers we saw, you can kinda see the other one in the background. They were beautiful, and they also got roared at by Rylan.
Daddy, Mommy, and Rylan in front of the huge elephant statue. The San Diego Zoo is different in that they have workers everywhere in with the animals. The workers have microphones and are educating everyone on the animal who's cage they are in, and you can ask them questions. When we saw the elephants they were getting baths and pedicures. That must be nice.
This was probably in the top two of the day. The "Gobabas" as Rylan calls the Gorillas. There were two of them wrestling all over their cage. But the majority of the time they sat and fought right in front of Tia and Rylan. So the two of them had ring side seats. One time they hit the glass wrestling and startled Rylan, but not enough to make him want to quick watching.
The other animals in the top two were the goats. They weren't even part of the actual attractions either, they were considered the petting zoo. But Rylan has a thing for goats, he isn't scared of them, and he loves to mock them with his own goat sounds.
    One of my favorite things was that they had little statues set up all over the zoo for kids to take pictures with. Rylan hopped right on the turtle and said "Yee-haw Momma".
     On Wednesday we spent the afternoon at the beach. Rylan's first experience at the beach will probably not be his favorite. The water was freezing, and he didn't like the waves to rush in on his feet. He got sand in his eyes three times, and the play set was almost too hot to walk on. So we left the beach and went and did some tourist shopping right near the pier in Oceanside. But on the way we stopped so Daddy could pose with a street sign that had his name on it, goofy Daddy.  We stayed for a few hours and then headed home to freshen up.
Mommy comforting Rylan, after he felt the cold water on his tootsie's. But notice Daddy just walked right in.
My family in front of the Pacific Ocean.
At the playground they had a statue of a sea lion, and for some reason Rylan felt compelled to give it a smooch.
                                 Tyson in front of the "Tyson" street sign.
     Wednesday evening as soon as Uncle Eric got home from work we loaded up and headed to Medieval Times. This was fun! It doesn't matter if you are 2 or 27 this is a place for everyone. The entertainment was great, so much that Rylan wouldn't sit down or eat. He was glued to the entire performance. If you have been you know that when you get there they give you a crown which specifies which section you sit in. We were red, and I must tell you our night won the competition and saved the kingdom.
This is to show you how elaborate the dress and performance is. It was fantastic, I would do this again and again.
My two prince's cheering on our knight.
All five of us feasting on small dragon's (that is what our waitress called them).
                 This was our knight, the WINNING Red Knight. Rylan thought he was super cool and had to give him a fist bump.

     More California to come.....................

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