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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Things I Will Miss

     As you grow older there are things in your life that will change. Some changes are good, and some bad. Whatever it may be you make the best of what God lay before you. However, sometimes these challenges and new adventures that we are faced with are harder than we thought imaginable. As our approaching move to Muleshoe gets closer and closer we are getting excited!  However, there are many things and mostly people here in San Antonio that we will miss;

1. Our first home, we are so proud of our first buy. This home is where we brought Rylan home to. This house is where we made a home. This is where we heard Rylan say his first words and walk his first steps.  This house is where we shared laughs, cries, and many gatherings with friends and family.
2. I will miss all of the opportunities that are in the city for Rylan and I to do. As a stay at home momma you like to find new and exciting things to do with your children, especially while everyone else is at work, for example; the zoo, the many parks here, children's museums, kids eat free days, storytime at the library, and the pool.
3. Silly I know, but I will miss the shopping. I can't think of one store that I love that isn't within 15-20 minutes from my house.
4. I will miss our church home. This is where we go to worship as a family. Where I let go for the first time, and put Rylan in the nursery.
5. We will miss the great people that Tyson works with. They have all been so sweet, kind and supportive the whole three years we have been here.
6. I will miss Little Gym. This is where we go for Rylan to take gymnastics. Another silly thing, but we just love Ms. Tessa. Plus it is a place where we can take Rylan and he can exude all the energy he wants. :)
7. I will miss the sweet ladies I have met this year at MOPS. I was looking for something for Rylan and I, and my friend Danielle recommended MOPS to me. I loved it, it was that spiritual uplift that always made me feel like I could do this job of being a Momma. The ladies (Kathy, Kathleen, Stacey, Holly, Jamie, Lauren, Marissa, and Kim) were everything that I needed in a group of women. I left every time wishing that I had the whole day to just sit and talk with them. I will forever miss my friends from the PURPLE TABLE!
8. I will miss my bible study. Right after having Rylan I was in a Mommy rut. I was trying to figure out how to get myself and Rylan some friends to socialize with. Once again God sent me Danielle. She invited me a few times before I went, and once I did I felt silly for not joining sooner. This was the study I needed. The women here had more in common with me than I ever thought imaginable. After I started it seemed like our group grew weekly. I am so thankful to Danielle for inviting me to join, this was my saving grace to being a stay-at -home-mom. These ladies got to hear an earful more than they ever had asked for. This group was my safe place, where I could go and talk about anything. No one there was ever judging me, they were there to worship, listen, and pray with me. I will miss my SBS sisters; Danielle, Kellie, Karen, Erin, Teresa, Chelsea, Cindy, Aundrea, Trina, Angela, Bethany, Michelle B. and Michelle C.
9. I will miss my STAHM friends. Who knew that being a stay at home mom would be so challenging?  I didn't. Once we got past the 3 month mark I was in need of friends. I found four ladies who made my new job seem crazy, normal, funny, frustrating and awesome all at the same time. I met Melina and thought that somebody had sent me my clone. She is so very much like me in more than 50 ways. Her son Evan is 6 months older than Rylan, so I asked her thousands of questions (and still do) about what to do next with my baby boy. She was awesome, always giving me advice and then saying "but every baby is different, do what works for you," best advice I have received on parenting. Not only did Melina and I get along perfectly but so did our boys. We have had play dates with them since Rylan was 6 months old.  Thank you friend for knowing me better than I know myself, I will miss you and your family more than words can express.
10. I will miss my Steubing Sista's. These ladies came out of nowhere. I wasn't in search of anything this time, they just appeared at story-time, who knew. I got to chatting with some girls (Emily, Codie, and Stephanie) at story-time and soon learned that the four us lived within 2 blocks of each other in the same subdivision. Not only did we live really close, but we each had a child within 4 months of each other. So it began, we exchanged numbers and play dates starting emerging pretty much weekly. Soon enough we got the men involved too. We have had many playdates, birthday parties, cookouts, and holidays together. We became very close in a short amount of time, it was awesome. Emily and Codie just had their second baby, we will have our new addition in November, and we are waiting on an announcement from Stephanie about another on the way. It is just sad because two of us are moving, and we all have our first child around the same age, and our second ones will be around the same age too. These are friends that Rylan talks about even when they are not around.  We will miss them for their kindness, hospitality, laughter, sweet smiles, encouraging words, dependability, and their loving hearts. These ladies, as well as their beautful children and husbands I will miss very much.

     There are of course many things about the city that I will miss but the people are what I will really miss.

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