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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Big Brother

     We are excited to announce that on November 15th Rylan will be a big brother!

      It was addressed to me by a friend that I had not yet announced my pregnancy to the blog world. So here I am saying WE ARE PREGNANT!  We found out in mid March that we were 6 weeks pregnant. We had taken a test two weeks early and it was negative. So we didnt' think we were. That is until I started becoming really tired, and plus (TMI) I hadn't had a period since February 7th. So, we took a test and it showed positive immediately. We had planned on our children being 2 and a half to 3 years apart. Well Rylan will be almost exactly 2 and a half when the baby is born.
     At 7 weeks the sickness hit, just like with Rylan. I was tired, nauseous, and having lots of food diversions. But this pregnancy I wasn't chasing 22 kindergartners, I was chasing an almost two year old around all day. It was a difficult trimester. But I will gladly say that at 16 weeks it got much better. We are now 17 weeks and I haven't thrown up in a week and a half (TMI again, sorry). Now that we are further along we are starting to wonder blue or pink. Hopefully we will soon find out. We just pray that blue or pink, our sweet baby is healthy.
     Rylan seems to be aware that Mommy has a growing belly. He will touch it and even kiss it if we ask him to. We ask him, "Where is the baby," and he will lift his shirt and point to his belly, very cute. But when we ask him, "Do you want a baby brother," he says, "No, no no." And when we ask him, "Do you want a baby sister," he says, "No, no, no". But one way or the other he is going to welcome a baby brother or sister into this world in November.
     We are so excited about our new little Purdy. When we get a good belly picture I will post it for you. As of yet we are showing some days more than others, it all depends on what I am wearing. But soon enough, we will really pop, and I will let you all see!


  1. I have been WAITING for this post!!!!!! (I have been hinting plenty in my other comments.) :) Love to you again, Momma.

  2. I know you were, hopefully I will post a picture soon. Our little one is starting to show really well now!

  3. I know, I wish I could see you. :(

  4. CONGRATS TO YOU GUYS!!! SO happy for you!