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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

California Vacation

On Saturday, May 21st Rylan, Tyson and flew to our first California Family Vacation. We left Saturday early and arrived at the San Diego airport to two very excited people, Uncle Eric and Tia (Aunt Kyra). The weather was beautiful and we were ready for a great week of lots of fun. We went and got settled in at Tia and Eric's, let Rylan nap, made a quick Target trip and then headed to the Pier. We were going to the Pier for some sight seeing and dinner.
The Pier was so long, and at the end of it was where we would have dinner. Ruby's is the restaurant at the end of the Pier, it is old style 50's diner. We had a a bit of a wait and so we walked around the pier and watched all of the fisherman.
This guy definitely made a catch, an unexpected catch I am sure.
It was interesting to see that the fisherman would catch fish and then cut them up to use as more bait. While watching this guy fish we also saw a sea lion come in and out of the water.
Me, my sweet sister, and our little jet setter.
Once we got to our table, we all enjoyed our view. We couldn't even get Rylan to pose for the picture. He loved the water, the birds that came to the window, and watching the sea lion peer in and out of the water.
What is a 50 style diner without a good ole' milkshake? I love this picture of Tia and Rylan sharing the milkshake.  Tia had one rule all week, "At Tia's Rylan got what he wanted". And yes, the kid got plenty of ice cream all week.
                          Our boy in front of the Pacific Ocean.

    On Sunday we got up early, got ready and headed to Disneyland. We went early and planned to stay all day, or as long as Rylan would let us. The boy was a trooper, he napped in the stroller, rode lots of rides, loved all the characters from afar that is, and ate like a champ. We went to both parks, and stayed all day long. We saw Mickey (Rylan's favorite), watched a Disney Junior show,  bought a Mickey Mouse (which Rylan now has to sleep with), and did everything else in between. It was an awesome day, thank you Tia and Uncle Eric.
     On Monday Uncle Eric went back to work. Daddy, Mommy, Tia and Rylan stayed home and rested, and adjusted to the time change. Rylan did great the whole week, he even took two naps a day, it was like he was 20 months again. The rest of the trip will come in the next couple of posts. There is so much to share, because we were that busy.

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