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Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Party Decorations

These are the decorations for our transportation themed party!
These were the cupcakes. Aunt Judy and Kyra made these. I made the cupcakes and froze them in advance, and then those two ladies did all the decorating. They turned out perfect, thank you both so much!
We had a Baggage Check, which is where the birthday boy's presents were dropped off. Then we had a Baggage Claim where the kids picked up their party favors.
This was our Baggage Claim area.
This was the sign on the front door welcoming everyone into Rylan's 2nd Birthday!
I stole this idea off of another blog, I thought it was too cute. The bag I found at the thriftstore for $3.99, now Rylan has a bag to take to the airport.
These were STOP lights that were oh so easy. You just take a graham cracker put white frosting on it, and add red, yellow, and a green M&M's for the lights.
These were the fruit cars, which I also stole from another blog. You just use grapes for the wheels, apples and oranges for the car itself and connect with toothpicks.
This was the snack table outside, which was difficult to keep fly free.
The boat on the table is filled with Goldfish, a kid friendly snack.
I made a choo-choo train out of shoe boxes to hold some of the food in. My friend Codie helped me with these, which we both think turned out rather cute. In this box there was race car chocolate covered pretzels.
In this box of the train there were propellar pops. These were so easy (with the help of my sister and mother-in-law). They are just marshmallows dipped in blue chocolate, with a chocolate propellar ontop of that and a colored candy to add the center of the proppelar. The hardest part was making the propellars, which my sister did ever so beautifully.
                The last box of the train held a healthy snack, carrots and celery.  All of the activities were fun, and I loved how everything turned out. But next year we may do something a little bit more simple.  Thank you to all of my family who helped, I love you and am so glad to have you in my life.
                Our next post won't be until we return home from California. We will visiting Kyra (my sister) and Eric. We have lots planned and can't wait to have a relaxing family vacation (we hope). We leave this Saturday and return home the following the Saturday. We pray for safe travels, fun, sweet family time, and some relaxation!

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