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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Landa Park

     Landa Park is a place I will miss when we move. Tyson, Rylan and I have spent family time there. Rylan and I have spent many a days there with friends. It is a beautiful park, not far away, and has a lot to do. Today Tyson had a great idea of loading up a picnic and heading to the park. It was a great idea, and a perfect day for it. I will let the pictures explain the rest of the day, and give you an idea as to why it will be missed.
My sweet boy just enjoying the sounds of the park.
Rylan kicking the ball, he and Daddy played for a while.
Me and my boy, I love that smile. That was the smile he wore the whole time we were there!
Rylan looking for fish.
Rylan showing us the fish.
Daddy and Rylan looking at the fish together.
The ducks we fed, it was so cute to see baby ducks.
The conductor of the train we rode. This was probably the highlight. Rylan kept saying, "choo-choo" and "all aboard" the entire ride.
                       Yes, it was a perfect day for a day at the park!

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