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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Snow Dough

I was getting cabin fever, and I thought perhaps my three year old may be getting it too. So I pulled up the best website in the world, Pintrest, and I began to search. We have had some snow this year and my boy LOVES it. So, when I came across a snow dough recipe I knew that was our play for the day. I found it off of this girls website, she has plenty of neat ideas for us Momma's to use with our babies. The website is

Here are our pictures playing with this easy, cheap, fun snow dough!
Rylan loved it so much he played with it for two days, and just asked me to make more, not even 5 days later.
You can form it.....
you can make snow angels out of Batman and Robin.......
you can just flat out have fun!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Christmas Part 2

The Saturday before Christmas we got together with Granny, Tia and Uncle Eric, Uncle Kolby, Uncle Kirby and Ms. Brenay here at our house. We had plenty of fun, food, and family time!
Granny, Me and Reesey Cup
Kirby, Brenay, Kyra and Eric at dinner.
Uncle Kolby being silly with Rylan. Which Rylan loves him for.
Reesey loved opening gifts this year. The only problem was getting her to sit with Mommy while big brother opened his.
Rylan loves all things dress-up and super hero right now. Everyone got him plenty of both. He LOVES his Ironman costume that Tia and Uncle Eric got him.
A picture of us all together!
Kyra was in charge of games last year and did an awesome job. So, I asked her to do it again this year. We play Minute-To-Win-It games and they are hilarious as well fun.
Kolby deep in concentration.
This was our little family of four Sunday morning before church. I just love both outfits that the babes are in. Granny got these outfit's, and they were just too cute! Thanks Granny!
Mommy & Daddy's Christmas presents!
Granny with her two little sidekicks.

God was so good to us this year, we are blessed beyond. Happy New Year to all of you, may God be in full force in your home in 2013!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Christmas Part 1

We celebrated our Christmas with the Purdy cousins the weekend before Christmas. It was so cute to see all four of the cousins play and interact together. Kiddos make Christmas so much more fun.
Here is a picture of the four cousins, not the best pictures but just getting all four of them to sit still and close enough that they are all in the picture is a feat in itself.
Rylan 3, Sophia 2, Reesey 1, and Arden 9 months.
Nana and the two babies.
Reesey and Arden were so cute playing next to one another, and it seems like they will have plenty of trouble fun in the very near future.
Rylan loved all of his gifts from Nana and Papaw, but he immediately wanted to open up his dress up. Funny kid.
We also got to celebrate Uncle Aaron's birthday with him. We all went to eat at Leal's and they sang Happy Birthday to Aaron, you gotta love that sombrero.
After that we went back to Nana and Papaw's for birthday cake and bath time for the babies. For some reason all four of us parents and Nana and Papaw get a kick out of the four babies in the bath together. Here are the oldest two being crazy on Nana and Papaw's bed.
As the younger siblings tend to do, Reesey and Arden followed right behind Rylan and Sophia.  They also loved playing on Nana and Papaw's bed.

Watching all of the babies play and laugh together, and fight over Nana and Papaw's lap made for a very sweet Purdy Christmas!