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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Snow Dough

I was getting cabin fever, and I thought perhaps my three year old may be getting it too. So I pulled up the best website in the world, Pintrest, and I began to search. We have had some snow this year and my boy LOVES it. So, when I came across a snow dough recipe I knew that was our play for the day. I found it off of this girls website, she has plenty of neat ideas for us Momma's to use with our babies. The website is

Here are our pictures playing with this easy, cheap, fun snow dough!
Rylan loved it so much he played with it for two days, and just asked me to make more, not even 5 days later.
You can form it.....
you can make snow angels out of Batman and Robin.......
you can just flat out have fun!

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