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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Time With Family and Friends

Last weekend Tyson, me and the kids flew to Houston for a little getaway. We went to celebrate Pete's (Tyson's Uncle) 80th birthday. We decided to get in some friend time too. Our dear friends Brian and Allison had a baby girl that we hadn't gotten to meet yet. We love that we have family and friends that live so close, we were able to see both (but still not all of them this visit :<). Getting out of town for a few days was what this Purdy clan needed.
Luckily Nana and Papaw were on our departing flight from Lubbock to Houston. The kids loved having them there and they really enjoyed the toys Nana brought for the plane.
As soon as we got to Galveston we began eating. We miss seafood and so we indulged as much as we could. We met Nana and Papaw at one of our favorite spots in Galveson, there we had oysters on the half shell, bisque and gumbo. That night we went to celebrate our cousin Skyler's birthday, there we had delicious ceviche.
Rylan saw the beach and the water and he immediately wanted to go walk the beach. Our boy is a water loving kid. Sister liked the sand, but the water touching her feet she wasn't real sure of. I just love this picture.
Our dear friends Brian and Allison came to Galveston to watch our babies while we went to Pete's Party. I was elated to see them and finally meet sweet Elizabeth Rose. She reminds me so much of her brother when he was a baby, I love it when siblings resemble each other. I can't believe she was almost three months old when I finally got to hold her, tears swelled up in my eyes at the sight of her sweet little face. Reesey loved her and was very gentle and sweet.
The Man of the Hour
Pete had the night of his life, we roasted and toasted him. It was an event that was classy, fun, and unforgettable. It was our honor to be a part of this evening celebrating Pete's 80 years.
The Purdy clan that evening. I love this picture it takes me back about 7 years ago. We have a picture very similar from the day's of the Beta's. Now between the two boys to my right and my left there are four children. My how time flies by.
Me and my man. It was nice to get all dressed up and walk on the arm of my handsome husband all evening. Thank you Brian and Allison for watching our babies and letting us have an evening together, we owe you BIG.
Rylan and Trey were so cute together. They played very well together, and they were in full force the whole weekend. We decided to make a day just about our boys. So we took them to the Rainforest Cafe. This was a great idea Allison, they loved it. The thunderstorms, the animals, and the atmosphere kept them entertained the whole meal.
After the Rainforest Cafe we went to the Aquarium at Moody Gardens. This was a big hit for both boys and Reesey. The boys ran from one exhibit to the next, but I do believe the seals and the penguins were the favorites of the day. Reesey loved it as much as they did, she walked around the whole place squealing with excitement. Sweet Elizabeth napped and got carried around the whole time.
I loved seeing our girls together. Reesey 14 months and Elizabeth almost 3 months. I can't wait to see them play together the way their big brothers do.
The boys were full of energy and excitement. They didn't stop playing until bedtime.

This was a perfect, speedy, fun getaway for the Purdy's.

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