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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Belated Valentine's

Some may say I'm silly, but I really don't care. I will tell you with all honesty that Valentine's may be my favorite holiday! 9 years ago my sweet man proposed to me on Valentine's. It is a day that I will forever remember and hold so very dear to my heart. So that is why I love this holiday.

This year Tyson was on call on Valentine's so nothing too romantic for us, but we made the best of it family style. Plus, we have VERY AWESOME and SWEET friends who have offered to watch the babes so we can have a romantic dinner together (#loveyoudearfriend).
I of course saw this on pintrest and loved it for Rylan's MDO teachers. It was easy and perfect for the Godly women who teach at our MDO here.
I always try to do something for the sweet women at Tyson's clinic on holiday's. This year Rylan and I made them muffins for breakfast. The tag on them reads, "Happy Valentine's Day Sweet Muffin ~ Love, Rylan & Reese.
We also made one for Daddy, we just changed up the words a bit. Stud instead of sweet, and we added Mommy's name.
For breakfast this is what I made those that I love so dearly.
The finished product.
Here is our littlest sweet, the girl we adore.
Here is our bigger sweet, the little man that makes us smile.

No pictures of me and my Valentine, maybe on date-night!

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  1. How fun! That's special that Tyson proposed on Valentine's day :)