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Sunday, January 9, 2011


     While Rylan and I were shopping at my favorite store Hobby Lobby, I came across some wooden crosses on the 80% off aisle. Now you know why I love this store so much. Well when I saw the crosses I thought I can do something with those. I wasn't for sure what to do with them yet, but I knew that for 80% off I could think of something. It took me a while to do something with them. But, when I wanted to make something special for my dear friend Melina, my cousin Nickie, and my forever beautiful sister Kyra, I knew that I could make these personal for each of them. After getting home and looking through my stash of craft items I knew what to do. First I would paint them, add scrapbook paper, a bible verse, ribbon (of course), and a few embellishments. 
The first was for my dear friend Melina. She has a huge cross wall in her home, and I knew that this would make a perfect gift to add to her wall. I chose to paint the cross black, and use a color pallet of white, gray and black. Her home has black touches in it so I wanted to coordinate that as the main color. I chose scrapbook paper that is gray and black, and I added some studded diamond embellishments for a touch of elegance. The black and white polka dot ribbon I used because it is fun, and so is Melina. 
The color blue I chose for this cross because she has a two year old little boy Evan.
What Momma of a boy doesn't love more blue?
Melina is a good hearted, kind, giving, faithful woman whose friendship I cherish. I chose the verse John 4:24 to include on her cross, "The Father seeks those who will worship Him, in spirit and in truth."
The next cross was for my cousin Nickie. She is always making me laugh and she is oh so fun to be around. I knew I wanted this cross to have a feminine touch, but also fun feel to it. Just like Nickie! I began by painting the cross red (to match her house). Then I chose a black and gray scrapbook paper with a fun flair to it. I added the ribbon to the top and bottom, and the diamond embellishments same as I did with Melina's.  Nickie is a hard worker, fun to be around, a christian, she has a love of life, always thinking of others, and she is raising her beautiful daughter all on her own. For Nickie being the woman she is I chose Psalm 45:11 (one of my favorites)
"The King is enthralled by your beauty, Honor Him, for He is your Lord."
For Kyra's cross I began by painting it black and I chose cardstock that is black and white. I wanted it to match her house. She has decorated her home in black, white, and accents of red. Since she is still a newlywed I wanted it to have some reference to love. So I used red cardstock to be the background paper for the infamous love bible verse 1 Corinthians 13:13, "And now these three remain: faith, hope, and love. But the greatest of these is love." I used ribbon for the bow at the top that matched the cardstock. The ribbon at the bottom is just plan white and I added diamond embellishments again. The W is for her and Eric's last name Washington. I wanted this cross to be as special and pretty as my dear sister. Kyra is the most beautiful person inside and out, the best sister, most kind hearted, caring, sensitive, unselfish person I know. I hope that every time she sees this cross she thinks of her dear sister in Texas.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

PB & Rylan

     Can I just start by saying that as a parent you never know what your day is going to be like.  Well on last Wednesday I was not expecting the surprise I got.  It was time for Rylan's snack, so I put him in his highchair and asked him what he wanted. He replied "Apple". So I cut it up and gave it to him, leaving a few slices for myself. Well Mommy likes to dip her apples in peanut butter, so I got it out. Rylan let me know very quickly that he wanted peanut butter too. So I gave him a small bowl of it, showed him how to dip his apple, and then I went to use the restroom. Those of you who have a toddler know that sometimes going to the bathroom can result in unexpected surprises. That day it definitely did for me. I came out of the bathroom and this is what my sweet little boy had done with the peanut butter.
                Not only did he smear it all in his hair he must have still been hungry. My little man would take his finger run it across his forehead and then lick it.  Who can get angry when your child is making you laugh?  So on this Wednesday at 3:00 p.m. our bath time came rather early.

Trinity & Chasity

     A friend of ours recently called me and asked me to make some frames for her girls for Christmas. I was honored and looking forward to creating something different. George (our friend from Medical School) and his wife Mandy are moving so that George can begin his practice out of residency. Congratulations Georgey! Well since they are moving the two girls Trinity and Chasity will now have their own rooms. So Mandy let them choose the colors for their new rooms. Chasity wanted purple, and Momma wanted cream and gold incorporated too. Trinity loves Hello Kitty, so she chose black, white, and pink for her room. Mandy wanted the frames made as a special Christmas gift for the girls to have in their new rooms.
I began by painting Chasity's frame a deep purple, and I used other tones of purple throughout the frame. I found a beautiful purple and white patterned scrapbook paper, so that set the theme for the frame. Mandy said use your creativity, so that is what I tried to do. The other paper on the frame is clear with an elegant cream pattern on it. I loved this paper because it allowed the purple paint on the frame to show through. I chose white lettering for Chasity's name.
You all know I love ribbon! I used gold and purple ribbon at the top, and added a light purple flower for some contrast. I found the purple butterflies at Hobby Lobby, and I knew I had to figure out a way to put them on this frame. The gold embellishment on the left side of the frame I found and figured it would add a touch of elegance. Momma Mandy said that the furniture in Chasity's room is cream and gold antique, so I really hope that this frame fits into her sweet little room perfectly!
With Trinity's frame I began by painting the frame black. I used two different patterned cardstocks. The first black and white polka dot, and the other pink and white. I used pink ribbon at the top on the black and white cardstock. Then I put more black, pink, and white ribbon underneath a black and white polka dot flower. I added the pink flower on top of the black and white flower, and then overlapped the whole thing on top of a black embellishment. The crown I had found and new that it would be very fitting for Ms. Mandy's little princess.
I added pink ribbon at the bottom also, I thought it would tie in with the top part of the frame. The studs on the side were just to give that side of the frame a little touch of pretty.
This was my first time to make frames for older children. I will say that I loved the challenge, and I hope that Mandy and her girls loved the results.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Cade & Caleb

     I want to start by telling you who Cade and Caleb are, and the inspiration for these two frames. Cade and Caleb are my cousin Averi's two sons. Cade is 2 1/2 and Caleb is almost 1 month old. I wanted to make something special and personal for baby Caleb, however I didn't want to leave big brother Cade out. So, I sent Averi an e-mail asking for pictures of  the boys rooms. Well when I went through the pictures it made it apparent what the themes would be for their frames. Cade's room is decorated in airplanes and different shades of blue. Sweet Caleb's nursery is decorated in bright colors, brown, and white, with the alphabet, and jungle animals.
Cade's room reminds me of an airshow, so I wanted to make the background of the frame to look like the sky. I chose baby blue to paint the frame, and I chose to accent with different shades of blue and white, and of course add an airplane.
"God created boys full of spirit and fun, to explore and conquer, to romp and run."
This was the quote I put on Cade's frame, I thought it was very fitting for such a little boy who was full of sweetness but still a boy all the way through.
Caleb's room reminds me of a jungle theme somewhat, but more toned down. So I wanted to add jungle animals but not go crazy. I chose to paint the frame brown and accent with baby blue, and a few touches of bright colors here and there.
To me the ribbon is what helped tie the whole frame together. I love ribbon and I pretty much use it on all of my crafting projects; clipboards, frames, wall hooks, cards, scrapbooking.  The lion I found at Hobby Lobby, and I knew I had to somehow incorporate him.
When we had Rylan my friend Danielle brought us dinner, and gave us a card with a verse I will never forget. Every chance I get to include this verse so dear to me I do. Thanks Danielle! 
"Sons are a heritage from the Lord, Children a reward from Him." Psalm 127:3