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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Bed Head

This is just to make you laugh......
Our Reesey has some hair, and you never know what it will be like when she wakes up. Sometimes it is calm and pretty, other times (like yesterday after nap) she wakes up with it like this.
         Have a blessed day knowing that there is humor all around.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Tough Girl

     We have a routine after bath here at the Purdy house. After we lather up the babes and put on PJ's then it is time to wrestle and play before we read books and head off to bed. You would be surprised to know that our little Momma jumps right in and gets into the mix with the boys. While doing so she is cracking up. Rylan loves it, Daddy & Mommy love it and Reesey thinks it is the funniest thing. To get in there and play with big brother means that she is one tough girl!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Number Match

I have been trying to find ways to get Rylan interested in numbers. Well I came up with this idea, and hopefully it will perhaps at least peak his interest.
I used clothespins, number stickers, a sharpie and a piece of paper. I put the numbers 1-10 on one side of the clothespins, as well as the matching number of dots on the other side.
The idea is for Rylan to match the number on the clothespin with the dots on the paper.
And vise versa......................
The number of dots on the clothespin with the number on the paper. Easy as that.....Number Match.

Getting Crafty

Lately my LittleMan and I have been feeling crafty. It all started with our letter of the week, F. I was talking with Rylan asking him different things that start with the F sound, and we came up with the word fish. 
Rylan said, "Momma I want to make a fish." So I remembered seeing the rainbow fish made out of a hand print on pintrest, so I figured that would be fun and easy. We got out the paint, paper, glitter, glue, and googly eyes (which Ry is obsessed with right now.)
We began by painting his hand (the colors he chose) and then placing it on the paper. I painted the water at the bottom, because Rylan didn't want to.
Then we waited for the paint to dry. Once it was dry Rylan put on the glue and then placed his googly eyes exactly where he wanted. Then he did little drops of glue (with Mommy's help) for the air bubbles. We didn't have any blue glitter, so Rylan chose green. He took the glitter and went to town on every bubble. Like I said this was easy and I now have a little boy who is so proud of his rainbow fish.
So, the letter of the week led us to making a fish, and the fish conversation (how they live in water) led us to talking about octopuses. I thought well we might as well just go with it. When my son shows interest in anything I try and take off with it. I have been saving A LOT of toilet paper rolls, just knowing we would use them for something. Well that something was an octopus. Rylan painted it white, let it dry and then he used different shades of purple and blue markers to decorate it. I cut the legs and he added some glitter glue (which you can't see in this picture). Then I let him use my sticky dots that I use for scrapbooking. He placed them where he wanted and then added his beloved googly eyes. There you have it another easy project.
The letter of the week led to a fish, the fish led to an octopus, and the octopus led to a spider. The connection you ask? Well, an octopus and a spider both have eight legs. So after discussing this my craft monster wanted to make a spider too. Mommy was kinda out of ideas and didn't really know how to make a spider, but I soon came up with an idea. I made my boy eat a bowl of mandarin oranges and then we had a body for a spider. We cleaned the bowl, dried it, and Rylan painted it black. Once it was dry I punched holes in the side for the legs. I let Rylan pick the colors of the spiders legs, surprisingly he chose black for all eight legs. He put the legs/pipe cleaners in the holes and then we twisted them together (to secure them). I then let him use the sticky dots again, and he finished off his spider with googly eyes.

Little did I know that the letter of the week would spiral into so many little crafts in just 4 days!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

An Easy Wreath

Pintrest has inspired me to do so many things around the house, but I also find inspiration from many of my family members and my friends. The idea for this wreath came from my cousin Curri. She made one for her Momma, my Aunt Nancy and it turned out so cute. She said she got the idea from pintrest. So I tried to find the style that she did, but I was unable to find this particular style of wreath. So, the next time I went to my Aunt Nancy's I gave the wreath a good hard look and figured I would just wing it. So that my friends is what I did.
I picked my color pallet; red, white and black. The one my cousin made had 4 colors, do whatever you desire. The materials you need are very common and very cheap. I actually found my wreath at the Goodwill for $1.00. I then ventured over to my beloved Hobby Lobby. I got the yarn there for $1.00, and the felt for 4 for a $1.00. I got 4 pieces of black felt and 4 pieces of white. So my wreath came to a grand total of $4.
The part about this wreath that is time consuming is wrapping the yarn around. It took almost all the yarn, I have just a little left over.
The flowers were fun, and I got creative with how to do them (remember I am winging this).  All I did was cut out 2 different sizes of circles. I used the top of a salt shaker lid to make the template for the smaller flowers. Some of the smaller flowers have 4 petals, some have 8 petals, and some have 6. I just did a variety, you do whatever tickles your fancy. To make the flower I just added a dab of hot glue in the center and pinched the sides together. For the center of the flower I just used buttons that I had on hand.
For the larger flowers I used a shot glass (shameful I know) as a template for the circles. For the larger flowers I just folded them and glued the bottom together. I overlapped them onto the wreath. My dear sweet sister was here while I was finishing this project up, and she had the fantastic idea to do flowers in the center of the bigger flowers. So, she looked up a method on pintrest (, and of course they came out really cute.
This is our new wreath that welcomes everyone into our home.

The Brendel's Are Home

     Our dear friends (Allison and Brian Brendel) from medical school ventured out and did residency in Seattle Washington. Which was so far, but we can proudly announce that they are moving home to Texas. Allison is 26 weeks pregnant, so she opted not to travel all the way from Seattle to Texas in the car with their three year old son Trey. So they called us and we did a trade off. I traded Tyson for Allison. That sounds bad, it is not intended to. Allison and Trey flew here and Tyson flew there. Tyson and Brian made the 2,000 mile drive home and did some very cool road trippin. Us ladies did some lounging here at the house and took care of the babies. With Allison pregnant, two 3 year olds, and a very mobile Reesey Cup we lounged when we could. The men had a great time together, and so did us Mommas.
    Rylan and Trey played hard the whole 5 days they were here. Here is our Brendel visit in pictures.........
I got the boys matching PJ's and I must say they were adorable running around the house as twinkies.
We swam in the backyard.
Here is a picture of the boys posing for me. Getting both of these guys to pose at the same time for a picture was really difficult. Trey's face in this picture cracks me up.
We made homemade pizza.  The boys loved it and probably ate more while they were making it, than when it was done.

We made goop (from pintrest of course,, the boys really liked this activity.
They both gave Reesey plenty of attention. Trey was so sweet with her, which I know made his mommy so excited. Trey will have a baby sister in November! It looks like Reesey loved the attention.
We played outside a lot, and yes we played in our underwear (the kids that is, not us Momma's). Here the boys are sidewalk painting (again from pintrest,  We had a great time, and we are so happy that our dear friends are back in Texas and much closer to us!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Early, But A Goody

     This morning my sweet babies both got up at 5. Yes, 5:00 AM. For those of you who have children who sleep past 8, you may not discuss this with me until mine are 18, and I can then laugh about it. So, we were up early and my sweet loves were wide awake. Rylan was asking for breakfast and Reesey was laughing it up. I was feeling sorry for myself, thinking about you Mommas who sleep past 7:30 when a really sweet moment occurred and made this early start to our day well worth it. The three of us were sitting on the couch together watching TV and Rylan said, "Momma, this is a good day."  Then he simply caressed his baby sisters face and she of course smiled. God has a nice way of reminding us how blessed we are.
     I thought I would share this in hopes that I may can brighten your day, or perhaps remind you to let those little moments be your focus instead of your tired body. So, we have been up since five but it was a great start to one blessed day!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

A Reesey Update

I feel the need to update you all on our little girl. She is growing like a weed, and I can't believe that she is 9 months old. Maybe it is because she is our second, but it seems to be going by so much faster with her. I am even getting a little emotional writing this. I feel like each little milestone with her is coming and going way too fast. I want to sit and take it all in, and never forget any of these sweet moments, these sweet baby moments that I ever want to cherish forever. Our little girl is so sweet, and really is the best baby (says her Momma, I know I know, a little partial). She smiles all the time, eats like a champ (anything we give her), goes to sleep easy, never fusses, laughs out loud all the time, doesn't get bothered (too much) by her big brother, and is just our little baby girl. Reesey brings that much needed touch of sweetness to our house!

It seems like this last month she has just really began to be everywhere. I can't leave a room without her following me, which I love. She is my little shadow, I just pray she always wants to shadow me (on some things). She is on the go nonstop now. She is crawling (fast), pulling up on toys to her knees and just started pulling up to stand a few days ago. She is under things, on things, and everywhere she shouldn't be. Rylan keeps us busy all by himself, now sister is giving us a run for our money. Thank God for our healthy babies.
This is our cruiser performing her favorite trick; the crawl under the coffee table. This trick she does about 20 times a day.
Our bathing beauty. She reminds me of Ry when he was her age, he didn't fear the water at all, and neither does this girl. She gets in and kicks, laughs, and splashes about.
She loves her brother, and his toys. She follows him around all day; either to grab one of his toys (which he is adjusting to) or just to get close to laugh at him. I must note that her encouraging him thinking he's funny isn't the best thing, he feeds off of it.
I must admit I was nervous about having a baby girl. I just didn't think I would know what to do with a girl. But I am admitting to you all that I love it. I'm still not a fan of huge bows on my girl, but there are some sweet lil outfits that I love, and fixing her up melts my heart.
This was a fun day for this Momma. I remember when Rylan began coming in the kitchen while I was cooking, and now our little Buttercup is following in his footsteps. We made her a cabinet and now my babes are assisting me with dinner!
This particular morning Brother decided that he wanted to feed Reesey. I encourage him to help with her as much as I can, so I let him take over. Reesey thought it was hilarious, and her laughing made him laugh too.
Our sweet girl had a temperature one morning and wanted nothing more than to just lay on her Daddy. Her Daddy has a soft spot for his girl, they laid there until our girl fell asleep on her first love.