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Thursday, August 9, 2012

A Reesey Update

I feel the need to update you all on our little girl. She is growing like a weed, and I can't believe that she is 9 months old. Maybe it is because she is our second, but it seems to be going by so much faster with her. I am even getting a little emotional writing this. I feel like each little milestone with her is coming and going way too fast. I want to sit and take it all in, and never forget any of these sweet moments, these sweet baby moments that I ever want to cherish forever. Our little girl is so sweet, and really is the best baby (says her Momma, I know I know, a little partial). She smiles all the time, eats like a champ (anything we give her), goes to sleep easy, never fusses, laughs out loud all the time, doesn't get bothered (too much) by her big brother, and is just our little baby girl. Reesey brings that much needed touch of sweetness to our house!

It seems like this last month she has just really began to be everywhere. I can't leave a room without her following me, which I love. She is my little shadow, I just pray she always wants to shadow me (on some things). She is on the go nonstop now. She is crawling (fast), pulling up on toys to her knees and just started pulling up to stand a few days ago. She is under things, on things, and everywhere she shouldn't be. Rylan keeps us busy all by himself, now sister is giving us a run for our money. Thank God for our healthy babies.
This is our cruiser performing her favorite trick; the crawl under the coffee table. This trick she does about 20 times a day.
Our bathing beauty. She reminds me of Ry when he was her age, he didn't fear the water at all, and neither does this girl. She gets in and kicks, laughs, and splashes about.
She loves her brother, and his toys. She follows him around all day; either to grab one of his toys (which he is adjusting to) or just to get close to laugh at him. I must note that her encouraging him thinking he's funny isn't the best thing, he feeds off of it.
I must admit I was nervous about having a baby girl. I just didn't think I would know what to do with a girl. But I am admitting to you all that I love it. I'm still not a fan of huge bows on my girl, but there are some sweet lil outfits that I love, and fixing her up melts my heart.
This was a fun day for this Momma. I remember when Rylan began coming in the kitchen while I was cooking, and now our little Buttercup is following in his footsteps. We made her a cabinet and now my babes are assisting me with dinner!
This particular morning Brother decided that he wanted to feed Reesey. I encourage him to help with her as much as I can, so I let him take over. Reesey thought it was hilarious, and her laughing made him laugh too.
Our sweet girl had a temperature one morning and wanted nothing more than to just lay on her Daddy. Her Daddy has a soft spot for his girl, they laid there until our girl fell asleep on her first love.

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  1. I love watching her grow! Such a cutie. The picture of you and her is great!!