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Saturday, July 21, 2012


     It seems as though Tyson and I have been doing a lot of reflecting on where we have been and what all has happened this last year. We have had a lot of life changes, and began a lot of new journeys. A year ago we were leaving San Antonio and moving to Muleshoe. We were leaving our first home, many friends, and a life of familiarity.   We were also saying goodbye to 3 years of hard work, long hours, time apart, valued time, fantastic education, and finally medical training. I am speaking of residency. When Tyson and I look back, we look back at all the sacrifices, difficult days, weeks, months, and even that first year.  Medical school was difficult, but residency was a greater challenge. We made it through it even stronger than when we went into it. I am so proud of Tyson and the Dr. that he has become. I can't go anywhere in this small town without someone approaching me and telling me how much they love my husband. I beam with pride, because all together he has worked 10 long years to finally do what it is that he loves.
     In a year a lot has happened, wonderful beautiful graces from God. We are here in Muleshoe with a great surrounding community and lots of friends. We welcomed our sweet little Reesey Cup into this world in November, and Rylan is now a big 3 year old. My sister lived with us for 7 months while her husband was deployed, we became members in a new church, we have traveled, but mostly we have adjusted to God's plan. I am excited to think about what God's plan is for us next.
     I am not for sure how I came across this blog but I am so glad that I did. This touched Tyson and I both in a very deep, real way. This woman described residency and the feelings that we both had while going through it. I couldn't have said it any better than this...................................

     Always remember those days so that you can reflect on where you have been, and what it has made you.

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