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Friday, July 20, 2012


     It is so nice to have a mountain getaway so close. Last weekend (last minute) we loaded up and headed to Ruidoso, NM. It is only three hours away, so the kids don't get too restless in the car. Our sweet neighbors have been offering their place to us for a while now, and we finally decided to take them up on their offer. Their house is so perfect; nice, homey, awesome deck, gorgeous view, great location and right on the golf course. Once we got there, we "checked in" and then went to see my cousin and her kiddos out at the stables that they run. It was so nice to see them, as we don't get to see them nearly enough. The best part was watching our children play together; it reminded me so much of when she and I were young playing together. Rylan got to see a ton of horses, which he loved! We had recently watched the fabulous movie Secretariat (I highly recommend watching it if you haven't), so horses in general are a big hit with Rylan right now. Not to mention part of our motivation to go to Ruidoso (the races). We decided to take all five of our children out to eat for the evening. Dinner went really great with all the kids, considering it took the restaurant an hour and half to deliver our food.  After that we loaded up and headed back to the house to enjoy some smore's and a beautiful evening.
All the cousins: Rylan, Levi, Victoria holding Reesey, and Lizzie.
My cousin's sweet babies.
Rylan loved getting to see the horses, and Reese kept reaching for them too.

The next morning we woke up early (as is the norm for us Purdy's), Tyson made breakfast and then the boys headed off to the golf course. So, we girls got ready and headed into town to do some shopping. It was a great morning for all of us. When the boys finished, we went and picked them up for lunch. After that we headed out to the race tracks.
The races were great! Rylan was very into them this year. He chose the blue horse every time to win. We spent all afternoon there. The weather was beautiful, the kids were good, and Mommy and Daddy got to do something that was fun for them too. All and all it was a fantastic day. After the races we went to an early dinner, and left early also. Rylan didn't really have the best eating out experience, so we scarfed our food and headed back to the house. We made smores again and hung out on the patio enjoying the fresh mountain air.
Rylan loved being able to be so close to the horses and the racing. We were down in the cheap seats and they were perfect for us and our energetic little man.
Our little Reesey Cup enjoying the races.
Rylan liked to run up to watch all the horses come by before the final bets were to be placed.
Little Momma kicking back and just chilling while everyone was yelling during a race.

 The next morning we got up, had breakfast, cleaned house, and just hung out for a while. When we got in the car to head home the babes were melting down. But they were both asleep before we left the city limits, and they slept all the way home, which was so nice because Tyson and I had time to actually sit and talk to one another. An eventful weekend that we are already looking forward to doing again very soon!
Rylan helping us "gacum" as he calls it.
This was our boy conked out on the way home. It takes a lot to get this sweet boy to slow down, but I guess a busy weekend will do that to him. Maybe we should plan this as an every weekend thing, LOL.

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