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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Busy Busy

This last month has gone by way too fast. I can't believe that it is already July. I am a summer loving girl. Yes, it is hot. But, I love to be in my shorts, tank tops, and flip flops. So as long as this weather is hot me and my crew will be outside soaking up the rays. This blog is going to described in pictures. I will update you all on our busy busy June!

Uncle Eric and Tia came home for two weeks for Uncle Eric's leave. We loved having both of them here to play with us. It was so sweet to see Uncle Eric meet Reesey for the first time. I had to put her in her little outfit that her uncle got her.
Rylan reading to Uncle Eric. These two immediately picked up where they left off. Uncle Eric is the best, both of our babies love him so much.
We had a welcome home party for Uncle Eric. There was family there from Kyra and Eric's side. It was nice to be able to celebrate our Marines sacrifice for our country, and his safe return home.
Tia and Uncle Eric brought Rylan's birthday gift home with them. Tia couldn't stand not being here for his birthday so she had him open them with her and Uncle Eric. They got him a set of roller blades with all the pads. Once all gussied up in his gear they headed out to try them out. It lasted about 30 seconds and then he wanted to play with the Mator lawnmower they got him. Thank you both, y'all made our little mans day.
Tyson and I had the opportunity to participate in Relay for Life this year. It was so awesome and touching to see the difference that a small town can make. Our little town of Muleshoe raised close to $50,000.
Tia and Uncle Eric came to support the Relay and play with their two favorite kiddos!
A play date with Brooke and Brynlie. Sidewalk paint turned into shower time because these three ended up painting themselves to look like Shrek.
Our sweet little Reesey Cup turned 7 months. It seems like her first year is going by way faster than Rylan's. This smiles lights up our day all day long.
Rylan & Reese with their great Daddy on Fathers Day. My babes and I are so blessed to have Tyson as the center of our family's foundation.
I took the kiddos in for their checkups. I thought what a photo opportunity that I had to capture.
Reesey & Rylan both got seen by Papaw. It really is so cute to watch them get their checkups from their Papaw!
Rylan entered the superhero phase, and we just had to make a cape. Thank you pintrest, for those easy directions.
Our new pool, this thing is getting put to use everyday, Rylan loves it!
Our Reese Lynn is sitting up and playing, but not for long because she prefers to be on the move. I love it when I can get a picture of my sweet babes together.
This girl is into everything. Just yesterday morning this is where I found her. With her moving this much maybe now I will loose this baby weight..........

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