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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

South Carolina Vacation Part 2

     After spending some relaxing time at the beach we loaded up and headed into the city (Charleston). This historic city is such a wonderful place to see. Their is history, fun, and it really is small for a city. We got to discover so much while we were there,  We went to the Aquarium which was cool for Rylan. It was fun to compare all of the fish and crabs at the Aquarium to the ones we had seen at the beach. If you ever have the opportunity I would go there just for the 4D movies, that was the coolest part.
     We wanted to see more of the small towns that surrounded Charleston so we drove over the bridge to Folly Beach. This was another lowkey little town like Sullivan's Island. Lots of really relaxed, laid back people who were friendly and talkative is what we found there. We ate lunch and then walked the small downtown area. Then we headed in to go check into our hotel, swim and eat dinner.
     The next morning we went to go and explore the downtown Market. This was neat to see, especially after we had heard so much about it. They sold lots of local cookbooks, seagrass baskets (Gullah baskets as the locals call them), herbs, local art, and so much more. It is also very cool because it is right by the ship port. Lots of restaurants are nearby, as well as some beautifully preserved historic buildings. Just walking around downtown was a treat for us. Down each alley appeared to be a secret garden, it was so clean and pretty. I loved to see the brick and cobblestone streets and alley's.
     We of course had to visit a local brewery for my beermyster of a husband. Tyson loved this part of the trip, this was one thing he wanted to do. The beer was good and the food was delicious. South Carolina BBQ is some of the best I have ever had! After visiting the brewery we went to the Pineapple Fountain that is near a beautiful park. The fountain was right near the water, and apparently all the locals go there. There were kids everywhere soaking up the summer rays. As well as walking around downtown we would take advantage of the car naps by just driving around and seeing what this Lowcountry city was really like. Fabulous was our conclusion.
     We stayed at a hotel that had a swimming pool so we ventured out during the early mornings and returned for the afternoons so Ry could swim and we could all rest. We took advantage of everything we could while we were there, but there is still plenty to do on our next South Carolina vacation!
Rylan and Daddy looking for Sharks.
Rylan and Daddy posing as sharks.
Rylan and Daddy posing with their glasses we had to wear to watch the 4-D movie. We all loved this part!
St. Phillips Cathedral. This steeple was just gorgeous. As hard as I try to be a photographer I am not. But, I did think this picture was cool.
This is an alley street, and it wasn't the only alley that looked like this.
This was a gate that labeled the name of an alley. I took this picture to blow up and put in Rylan's Pirate Room.
Someones front door in an alley. How cool is this?
Rylan getting to see where all the beer is stored at the brewery. This was when Daddy had the camera, can you tell?
The babes and I in front of the Pineapple Fountain.
The Pineapple Fountain
A look at all the Yachts near our hotel.
South Carolina Vacation 2012

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