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Saturday, July 7, 2012

4th of July

     We stayed in town this year for the fourth, enjoying all of our small town's  festivities with family and friends. We started the morning off at the Parade (Nana & Papaw joined us), did some local shopping, Rylan rode a pony, ate lunch, and around noon we headed home for some down time. Tyson went and played golf with Bruce in the Muleshoe Scramble. The babes and I swam and napped. When Tyson got home, we loaded up and headed to the park to meet friends for a cookout and fireworks. The cookout was a success, but then a dust storm caused us all to load up our babes and get out of the nasty weather. A few couples came back to our house with us to continue hanging out. We figured, due to the weather, that the fireworks would be cancelled, but at about 10:00 we started hearing them go off. We all went outside, stood in the middle of the street, and watched the show. I am sure watching four couples, each adult with a kid in hand, standing in the middle of the street, was quite a site. I wish I would have run and gotten the camera. I hope you all had an eventful and blessed fourth of July!
Tia and Uncle Eric got the kids shirts for the holiday. Our babies wore them proudly. Rylan's said "Today you are enjoying your freedom because my Uncle is fighting for it."
Reese's shirt said "Have you thanked my Uncle today?"
Uncle Eric thank you for your service and sacrifice for us; we are proud of you, and we love you!
Tia also ordered Reesey these bloomers. I love them, and we will probably wear them again
Our "Little Firecracker" and her Daddy.
Mommy and her babes
Rylan sitting with Nana and Papaw watching the parade.
Rylan and his friend Will taking a break from football to pose for me.
Notice Rylan is in a new shirt. My kids were divas and wore two outfits that day. I had already bought them 4th clothes when Tia brought us the ones they bought. So we wore Tia and Uncle Eric's outfits in the morning and Mommy's in the evening. I forgot to get one of Reesey in her evening wear.
Will, Rylan, Tierni, and Emma all yelling "Happy 4th of July".
Rylan jumping up and down waiting for his Daddy to hand off his sparklers. These and the smoke bombs were a big hit with the kiddos.

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