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Friday, August 17, 2012

Getting Crafty

Lately my LittleMan and I have been feeling crafty. It all started with our letter of the week, F. I was talking with Rylan asking him different things that start with the F sound, and we came up with the word fish. 
Rylan said, "Momma I want to make a fish." So I remembered seeing the rainbow fish made out of a hand print on pintrest, so I figured that would be fun and easy. We got out the paint, paper, glitter, glue, and googly eyes (which Ry is obsessed with right now.)
We began by painting his hand (the colors he chose) and then placing it on the paper. I painted the water at the bottom, because Rylan didn't want to.
Then we waited for the paint to dry. Once it was dry Rylan put on the glue and then placed his googly eyes exactly where he wanted. Then he did little drops of glue (with Mommy's help) for the air bubbles. We didn't have any blue glitter, so Rylan chose green. He took the glitter and went to town on every bubble. Like I said this was easy and I now have a little boy who is so proud of his rainbow fish.
So, the letter of the week led us to making a fish, and the fish conversation (how they live in water) led us to talking about octopuses. I thought well we might as well just go with it. When my son shows interest in anything I try and take off with it. I have been saving A LOT of toilet paper rolls, just knowing we would use them for something. Well that something was an octopus. Rylan painted it white, let it dry and then he used different shades of purple and blue markers to decorate it. I cut the legs and he added some glitter glue (which you can't see in this picture). Then I let him use my sticky dots that I use for scrapbooking. He placed them where he wanted and then added his beloved googly eyes. There you have it another easy project.
The letter of the week led to a fish, the fish led to an octopus, and the octopus led to a spider. The connection you ask? Well, an octopus and a spider both have eight legs. So after discussing this my craft monster wanted to make a spider too. Mommy was kinda out of ideas and didn't really know how to make a spider, but I soon came up with an idea. I made my boy eat a bowl of mandarin oranges and then we had a body for a spider. We cleaned the bowl, dried it, and Rylan painted it black. Once it was dry I punched holes in the side for the legs. I let Rylan pick the colors of the spiders legs, surprisingly he chose black for all eight legs. He put the legs/pipe cleaners in the holes and then we twisted them together (to secure them). I then let him use the sticky dots again, and he finished off his spider with googly eyes.

Little did I know that the letter of the week would spiral into so many little crafts in just 4 days!

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  1. So fun! I can't wait until Gus is more interested in coloring and not just putting the crayons in his mouth