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Thursday, August 16, 2012

An Easy Wreath

Pintrest has inspired me to do so many things around the house, but I also find inspiration from many of my family members and my friends. The idea for this wreath came from my cousin Curri. She made one for her Momma, my Aunt Nancy and it turned out so cute. She said she got the idea from pintrest. So I tried to find the style that she did, but I was unable to find this particular style of wreath. So, the next time I went to my Aunt Nancy's I gave the wreath a good hard look and figured I would just wing it. So that my friends is what I did.
I picked my color pallet; red, white and black. The one my cousin made had 4 colors, do whatever you desire. The materials you need are very common and very cheap. I actually found my wreath at the Goodwill for $1.00. I then ventured over to my beloved Hobby Lobby. I got the yarn there for $1.00, and the felt for 4 for a $1.00. I got 4 pieces of black felt and 4 pieces of white. So my wreath came to a grand total of $4.
The part about this wreath that is time consuming is wrapping the yarn around. It took almost all the yarn, I have just a little left over.
The flowers were fun, and I got creative with how to do them (remember I am winging this).  All I did was cut out 2 different sizes of circles. I used the top of a salt shaker lid to make the template for the smaller flowers. Some of the smaller flowers have 4 petals, some have 8 petals, and some have 6. I just did a variety, you do whatever tickles your fancy. To make the flower I just added a dab of hot glue in the center and pinched the sides together. For the center of the flower I just used buttons that I had on hand.
For the larger flowers I used a shot glass (shameful I know) as a template for the circles. For the larger flowers I just folded them and glued the bottom together. I overlapped them onto the wreath. My dear sweet sister was here while I was finishing this project up, and she had the fantastic idea to do flowers in the center of the bigger flowers. So, she looked up a method on pintrest (, and of course they came out really cute.
This is our new wreath that welcomes everyone into our home.

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