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Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Brendel's Are Home

     Our dear friends (Allison and Brian Brendel) from medical school ventured out and did residency in Seattle Washington. Which was so far, but we can proudly announce that they are moving home to Texas. Allison is 26 weeks pregnant, so she opted not to travel all the way from Seattle to Texas in the car with their three year old son Trey. So they called us and we did a trade off. I traded Tyson for Allison. That sounds bad, it is not intended to. Allison and Trey flew here and Tyson flew there. Tyson and Brian made the 2,000 mile drive home and did some very cool road trippin. Us ladies did some lounging here at the house and took care of the babies. With Allison pregnant, two 3 year olds, and a very mobile Reesey Cup we lounged when we could. The men had a great time together, and so did us Mommas.
    Rylan and Trey played hard the whole 5 days they were here. Here is our Brendel visit in pictures.........
I got the boys matching PJ's and I must say they were adorable running around the house as twinkies.
We swam in the backyard.
Here is a picture of the boys posing for me. Getting both of these guys to pose at the same time for a picture was really difficult. Trey's face in this picture cracks me up.
We made homemade pizza.  The boys loved it and probably ate more while they were making it, than when it was done.

We made goop (from pintrest of course,, the boys really liked this activity.
They both gave Reesey plenty of attention. Trey was so sweet with her, which I know made his mommy so excited. Trey will have a baby sister in November! It looks like Reesey loved the attention.
We played outside a lot, and yes we played in our underwear (the kids that is, not us Momma's). Here the boys are sidewalk painting (again from pintrest,  We had a great time, and we are so happy that our dear friends are back in Texas and much closer to us!

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  1. It looks like you had a great time together!! It's so fun to have a close friend visit and let kids play together :) This reminds me of when my friend came last month!