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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Christmas Part 1

We celebrated our Christmas with the Purdy cousins the weekend before Christmas. It was so cute to see all four of the cousins play and interact together. Kiddos make Christmas so much more fun.
Here is a picture of the four cousins, not the best pictures but just getting all four of them to sit still and close enough that they are all in the picture is a feat in itself.
Rylan 3, Sophia 2, Reesey 1, and Arden 9 months.
Nana and the two babies.
Reesey and Arden were so cute playing next to one another, and it seems like they will have plenty of trouble fun in the very near future.
Rylan loved all of his gifts from Nana and Papaw, but he immediately wanted to open up his dress up. Funny kid.
We also got to celebrate Uncle Aaron's birthday with him. We all went to eat at Leal's and they sang Happy Birthday to Aaron, you gotta love that sombrero.
After that we went back to Nana and Papaw's for birthday cake and bath time for the babies. For some reason all four of us parents and Nana and Papaw get a kick out of the four babies in the bath together. Here are the oldest two being crazy on Nana and Papaw's bed.
As the younger siblings tend to do, Reesey and Arden followed right behind Rylan and Sophia.  They also loved playing on Nana and Papaw's bed.

Watching all of the babies play and laugh together, and fight over Nana and Papaw's lap made for a very sweet Purdy Christmas!

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