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Monday, March 7, 2011

Our First Snow

     At the beginning of February we had a very unexpected visitor here in San Antonio. We woke up to snow covered ground. We were so excited! Reason one because Rylan has never seen snow, and reason two because Tyson and I haven't seen snow in a while. We actually got really lucky because San Antonio doesn't have snow often, so they didn't know what to do. The whole city pretty much shut down, I know funny right? However, we were grateful because Tyson got off! So we bundled up and headed out. At first Rylan was unsure of what to think or do with snow. Finally we got him to touch it, but I still think his favorite part of the snow was watching the neighbor kids sled. As always I took a lot of pictures, hope you enjoy our first, and only snow pictures for the year!
This was in our neighbors driveway, I had to get a picture.
Rylan and Daddy stepping out onto the snow. Rylan kept looking at it and calling it, "No".
We finally got Ry to touch it.
Our first family picture in the snow.
Rylan all bundled up. His name is written in the snow in front of him, but it is hard to read.
It was a perfect day. We played in the snow, had hot chocolate to warm up, and enjoyed having movie day at home with Daddy!

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