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Sunday, March 27, 2011

To & From

     I will start by saying that we are now happily back at home in San Antonio. We had a wonderful two week visit in Muleshoe, but there is nothing like being in your own home. It is a weird thing of mine, but smelling my home brings me comfort. We left on Monday, March 14, and just got back home (Saturday, March 26). I have lots to share, so I will be sharing our visit post by post. This post will just be to share our trip there and our trip back.
     As I stated before we took on what is supposed to be about a 6 1/2 hour drive, with Tyson and I, a 22 month toddler, and two dogs. The car rides alone were an adventure! The trip there that takes most people about 6 1/2 hours took us 8. We of course had to stop to use the restroom and change Rylan's diapers a few times, but the real stop was at lunch. We finally took off from San Antonio at 9 AM. We stopped for lunch in San Angelo at around 1:00, and we took our time, we didn't get back into the car until about 2:15. Who takes that long at Subway? I think all five of us were just glad to be out of the car. We all ate, "potty" as Rylan says, and just took our time stretching before our next four hours in the car. Surprisingly enough we arrived in Muleshoe without any catastrophes. We didn't have any accidents, and Rylan was pleasantly happy the whole time, other than the occasional Teddy Graham that got thrown our way (which we soon took away). The only pitfall of the drive there was that Rylan only took a 30 minute nap the whole day. But he was happy, so no complaints from Mommy and Daddy! When we arrived to Nana & Papaw's they were waiting happily along with Granny. So after a long day in the car, Tyson and I had recruits ready when we arrived to a home cooked meal!
      The ride home was a little different than the ride there. It was still pretty uneventful, however, it took much longer than the drive there. We left Lubbock at 10:30, stopped in Abilene to have lunch with Granny at 1:30, and finally arrived in San Antonio at 7:30. The drive went really well other than the length of time it took us to get home. I drove the first half of the way while the boys slept, and then Tys drove the other half while I napped. Rylan kept us entertained the last hour before we finally made it home. We discovered his love of gummy worms. I gave him his first one and he gave me a look as if, "Are you serious mom, I can eat this?" Well after tasting one he realized that he could eat it and that they were actually very good. Every gummy worm given to him made him laugh hysterically, which is why the last hour was so great! Ry also found that Duncan is a fan of gummy worms too. As we started arriving into the Hill Country we were greeted with lush green trees and grass, beautiful bluebonnets, and other wild flowers lining the medians. They aren't in full bloom yet, and already they are so beautiful. 
      We were so glad to be home all 5 of us!

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