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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Wild One

   A few weeks ago Rylan was sick, and the two of us stayed cooped up for a few days. Mommy didn't want to get out and infect anyone else with the flu. So as we sat in our clean disinfected house, Mommy began to go stir crazy. So I began going through my crafts and trying to find something new to make, and also something to keep my mind off of how badly I wanted me and the boy to get out. I randomly will buy cheap (meaning $2 or $3) wood plaques at TJ Maxx, Hobby Lobby, and Marshalls. Well I finally thought of something to do with them. I have seen these message/picture boards all over etsy, and I thought I could do those, easy. Then at Christmas my sister-in-law Samantha showed me one that a friend of hers had made. After closely examining it, her and I both decided that I should try and make one. But I needed someone as an inspiration to make one for. Being in the house for two days straight gave me the inspiration. I even ended up making two of them (the second one I will post later).
The color theme for this one came from my love of this zebra paper. I knew I would do black and white, but I also wanted to add one more color. We are moving to Red Raider territory so what other color than red? Which Tyson commented on when he saw it, "Tech colors, I like it".
I began by painting the wooden plaque and closepin black. Later I added my beloved zebra paper. This was my first attempt at making bows. There are two ladies in my MOPS group who make bows beautifully. They have both shown me there techniques, so I tried my hand at bow making. They didn't turn out as good as Kathy's or Stacy's but I figured it would work. The raffia at the top is my favorite part. I have seen this alot on etsy, I had bought some a while back (on sale of course) in hopes that I could find something to use it on.
I added two more ribbons straight across the bottom, one red with ruffle, and the other black with white trim. In all honesty I didn't plan on using the flower at the bottom. But I glued the ribbon on, and it ended up being a little uneven. So that is why I added the flower, and I ended up liking it. This is what being cooped up can create at the Purdy house. Now all I have to do is find someone to give it to.

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  1. YAY! Us Red Raiders will welcome you guys with open arms!! Congrats on the move!