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Thursday, February 24, 2011


   Since Rylan is such an animal lover we decided that he would probably love the Rodeo this year. So we put on our boots (which are so precious on Rylan) and we went to the Rodeo. It took forever to park, when I say forever I mean an hour. My sweet husband doesn't tolerate traffic very well (he should love the traffic in Muleshoe), so Rylan and I took off and started walking so that Daddy could vent by himself. After taking forever to find a place to park Daddy finally made it to the gate. Once we got in Rylan of course loved it, just as anticipated. The only difficulty was trying to get our little man to hold our hands. At about 18 months hand holding became a challenge. Rylan seems to love his new found freedom of running a little too much.
   A lot of the animals were already loaded up by the time we got there, but the pigs were not. This is Rylan's favorite animal right now, so it ended up being perfect. He got to touch a few of them, which he didn't really care for, but he loved looking at them, pointing, and saying "Piggy"! The one thing that he seemed to love most about them was watching the kids wash their pigs in the barn. Another favorite of Rylan's right now is tractors, most trucks are tractors. So the pictures below show you our favorites at the Rodeo; the "piggy's", and the "twactors". You would think we already live in Muleshoe with the country things that our son loves.
Trying to get as close as he can to the cows. They were our first thing to see.
This was how Rylan would stand and watch the "piggy's". He would point and then look at us and laugh!
Tractor's that we could sit in. The boys stayed there for about 10 minutes while Mommy did some shopping. Trust me when I tell you my boys weren't the only ones using these as a sitting/play place.
This is one picture that I figure Uncle Kirby and Uncle Kolby are very proud of. Rylan in his boots sitting on a tractor, not a John Deere, but I am guessing that it will do!

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  1. I wish we could have taken Trey to the rodeo this year! He is also in love with animals (cows and horses at the moment) and of course, "tactos" (tractors). Our boys would have had a blast together! Miss you and love you all!