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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Olney Christmas

     Yes I know that this is a little late. Anyway. This year we went to Aaron & Samantha's house in Olney for our Purdy Christmas. We had a fabulous time with family. Samantha kept us all very well fed, and we all had a relaxing nice weekend together. The best part was watching Rylan and Sophia interact. It was so sweet to see the two of them together. I am sure there were times when Sophia wanted that crazy boy to just slow down, but she never showed it. She would watch him and laugh the whole time. Rylan was surprisingly gentle and very sweet with her. This first picture shows his reaction to her when he first saw her. SO SWEET!
We got there late Friday night. The kids didn't see eachother until Saturday morning and it began with kisses.
After breakfast Saturday morning we all just sat around and let the babies entertain us.
What have we been missing all this time?
When we opened gifts Rylan was very helpful with his cousin. He kept helping Sophia open her gifts.
Sophia got a wagon for Christmas and the two loved just riding around the house in it. When the weekend was all said and done, I think everyone had pushed these two in the wagon.
The two cousins sharing a bath together. Sophia was a great sport while Rylan splashed water all around her.
 Throughout the whole weekend who do think enjoyed it the most?

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