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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Three Generations

Buying gifts can sometimes be a difficult task. So whenever I can make something for someone, that is what I do. I love having children, because most of the time all grandparents really want is something from them. So, for Bruce this year I wanted to make something special for his birthday. Rylan is his only grandson and I wanted to make something that incorporated three generations of Purdy's. I came up with the idea of putting Bruce's handprint on a canvas, then Tyson's handprint on top of his, and Rylan's handprint on top of Tyson's. 3 Generations! It worked perfectly because they all three have different size hands. I used black paint for Bruce's hand, brown paint for Tyson's hand, and white paint for Rylan's hand. I found some masculine scrapbook paper at Hobby Lobby and edged the sides of the canvas with it. I then printed the bible verse Psalm 45:16, a verse about generations. I put the verse on the scrapbook paper, and used Mod Podge to put it on the canvas.
This was how the canvas looked when I was done.
This is a close up of the bible verse.
Here is a better angle. You can see the scrapbook paper on the edges, and you can see how well the handprints turned out. This was something I hope that Bruce loved.

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