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Monday, November 26, 2012

Reesey's Birthday Party

I know this is a few weeks late but I still wanted to share. Reesey's 1st birthday party was simply sweet. We had a lot of family and a few friends to celebrate with. Our girl napped right up unitl the party and was kind of a Momma's girl the whole time (which this Momma loves)!  I decided to go with the owl theme and use light green and light pinks. I couldn't find everything I wanted in light green and light pink, so I ended up going green and pink with a lot of different variety in both. I only did a few decorations, nothing over the top and all handmade by this Momma. I didn't do games so all I really had to plan for was the food, cake, gift bags, and a few small touches here and there. Without further ado.............................
I made a door hanger to welcome everyone into our home. You know I'm not the best photographer, so this is the best picture I could get of it. I purchased different cardstocks that had pink and green and used that as the body of the owl. I searched owls on pintrest and I found this one to use as my template  Mine aren't identical but I didn't want them to be. I used flowers I had purchased from Hobby Lobby and glued them by the owls ear. I added flowers to all the owls, I wanted to have a little feminine touch.
I made a highchair sign for my birthday girl. I saw one of these on pintrest and thought that I could make it fairly easy, and for almost nothing. I was right, it was easy and turned out just like I wanted it to.
I wrapped a box I got in the mail from Amazon and stuck another handmade owl on it. I purchased the 1 at Hobby Lobby. I painted it, and used it as table decor for the party and also for her 1 year old photo shoot.
This was the party table. Like I said nothing too crazy, simple and sweet just like my Reesey. I didn't do much food since we had invited everyone to stay for fajitas after the party. I just had juice, water, veggies, and fruit.
I found these adorable owl cupcakes on pintrest and I knew that I wanted to have them at the party.  So my Momma kindly helped me decorate my cupcakes (which I purchased from the grocery store, I'm not a baker). I had the bakery do the frosting in light pink icing, and we added Oreo's for the eyes and used Reese's Pieces for the center of the eyes and the beak. Easy and so cute.
I just love them!
I found a bakery that would create sugrar cookies decorated with the owls of my choice for fairly cheap. So I had them make these as the gift bag/thank you gift for our guests. They turned out perfect. My dear friend Allison is just fabulous at digital scrapbooking, labeling, and card making. She very sweetly made Reesey's invitaitons for us and the adorable thank you tag that is on the cookies. Thank you Allison, they were perfect, much like you
Our sweet girl loved all of her presents and smiled with a small laugh when she held each one.
Big Brother had a hard time grasping little sister getting all the attention. So we thought we would let him help open presents, which really was a big help.
This was a picture we were able to get before Reesey dug into her Smash cake!
I ordered her cake from the same place I ordered the cookies from. The cake matches the cookies. I sent the bakery pictures of cakes I had found on pintrest and they created this!
Here is our 1 year old (that was hard to write) little girl digging inot her cake. Surprisingly she loved the cake part better than the icing.
This was the damage when she was done with it.
My dear friend Camille made Reesey's birthday shirt and bow. She is so awesome, I tell her what I'm thinking and then she creates exactly what I want, only cuter.
Again, an idea stolen from pintrest I wanted a little flair but not too much. So I made this easy, half tutu belt. I thought it was perfect for Reesey and she looked adorable in it.
Happy 1st Birthday sweet Reese Lynn!

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  1. The party was perfect! I was so impressed with everything- it was so cute!!