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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Wildlife Ranch

     This post will be much easier to just show in pictures. While Tia was here Rylan and I planned everyday with a new adventure. Plus Mommy had a helper and was able to do more. We had originally planned on going to Seaworld, but it was closed. So I surprised Tia and Rylan with another animal adventure.
As soon as we drove in, the animals headed towards our car. It is like they knew we had bought four bags of food to feed them.
This was the first guy to come to the car. Rylan was a little scared at first but soon warmed up to them.
We put him in our laps so that he could actually interact with the animals. Also the speed limit was 5, so no worries.
Rylan loved it and was pointing at all of the animals. The next creature was first spotted eating out of the hands of the car in front of us.
At first Rylan loved it and then the buffalo got a little too close for his liking. Kyra and I laughed the entire time. It was surprising to both of us how hard his tongue was.
These guys were scary. When we first saw this one, he was sitting in the middle of the road. None of the cars could get around him. Finally he stood and attacked the car in front of us. We decided feeding him was not an option.
Kyra and I loved the zebra's the most. They were very friendly and you would have thought they were starving. One of them even attacked my mirror, thinking it was food. Rylan just watched them and enjoyed them. That is until they came inside the car.
We had to share this picture, so funny!
Out of all of the animals these were in Rylan's top two favorites. He kept pointing at them and saying "quack, quack".
By the end of the hour and 15 minute drive Rylan warmed up to feeding the animals.
At the end of the drive we had a snack and then went to explore the rest of the animal adventure.
Rylan loved these goats, Tia and I were surprised at how he just started petting them.
For some reason he found them hilarious and would yell at them.
Next he began chasing them and laughing at himself.
After the goats we went and looked at the Lemur's. They were too cute!
The last stop was the giraffes. They had 5 of them and they were all beautiful.
This was one great day! Seeing animals and having Tia along with us was a great memory.
However, after Tyson saw all of the pictures he was so jealous. I foresee a family day being spent at this Safari Park again!

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