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Monday, September 20, 2010

Birthday Boy!

Rylan's friend Joseph just celebrated his 1st birthday!  Codie (Joseph's momma) and I met at story time also. She also lives in our subdivision and we live a block away. We have been enjoying our new friends, and we really enjoyed Joseph's party. His Mommy did the cutest theme for him. Codie and her husband Bobbie are huge Houston Texan fans. So everything was sports themed with Houston Texans colors incorporated, footballs everywhere, and Mr. Joseph was wearing a shirt that was made to look like a jersey (with his last name on it, very creative).

There are four of us Mommas here in our subdivision who have become quite close. So getting the kiddos together is fun for them and us Mommas. Plus all the kids are very close in age; Rylan is the oldest at 16 months, Clara is 15 months, Ella is 13 months, and now Joseph one. We enjoyed the party, and we love watching Rylan play with his sweet friends, each one so unique and precious.

Joseph's room is decorated in elephants, blue and brown. So I wanted to make him something to go in his elephant room. It is a little harder doing frames for boys because I can't do all of the ribbon and flowers, which are so fun. However, the boys always tend to be a little more personalized. The elephant on his frame is magnetic, and you can move his arms and legs whichever way you want. I know Rylan loved it, so I hope Joseph does too.
"Sons are a heritage from the Lord, children a reward from Him." Psalm 127:3

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